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We are super excited today to be able to share with you guys some absolutely gorgeous gowns from David’s Bridal. Their new Melissa Sweet collection is all things romance and perfect for the romantic bride who loves artisanal styling. Featuring vintage inspired details, the gowns are ethereal and poetic with unique details and tiny hints of color. Even better, we get to share images with you of them in a wedding setting. Take a look at all of this loveliness:

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Shown above is a stunning lace gown with a cut out back that will knock your (or his!) socks off![/caption]

Shown above here is a simply sweet embroidered lace gown with a romantic sweeping underlay.

Here’s that cut out back we told you about!

And of course we absolutely love this tiered chiffon number as well! So many to choose from!

David’s Bridal is an incredible resource for bridal gowns! They offer a variety of sizes for all brides, plenty of convenient locations, incredible service, and a huge variety of designers, styles, and budgets, so that you can find the gown that is absolutely perfect for you! Plus, you can get it all done with their collection of shoes, jewelry, handbags, bridesmaid gowns, and even alternations. If you are dying to try on one of these gowns as much as we are, you can head here to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!


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Don’t you just love a fella in a suit or tux? (Note my husband below, who sure does clean up nice!) But when it comes to coordinating a group of guys for tuxedo rentals all bets are off. When we planned our wedding, my hands off husband wasn’t super involved in getting his guys all looking good so I had to step in a little, which ended up being a total pain! When Generation Tux asked us to try out their services, I was a little skeptical. I typically HATE tux and suit rental companies because the offerings are so limited and old school. However, Generation Tux has a rad website with tons of fresh styles (notice my husband’s black and blue tux?).

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They make selecting the wardrobe for your fiance and his groomsmen so easy! Their pricing is really easy to understand with flat fees for an entire outfit! They offer free shipping both ways, stylists are on hand to help you select your outfit if you need, and it is incredibly easy to manage a group using their site! This makes it easy for those busy groomsmen! No more visits to a store or annoying appointments! It can all be done from home! (This is how excited your groomsmen will be when they hear that news!)


You can select everything from the bow tie to the shoes to everything in between.  They allow the groomsmen to log in using your event information, offer video tutorials on getting measured (or you can have a profession tailor sent out to measure for you!), and they even send your wardrobe a week in advance (wrinkle free of course!!!) so that you can be sure the tux fits correctly. Our experience with Generation Tux was fabulous. Bryan’s tux was a little large and I would have sent it back for something much more slim, but I love that they offer that option! Other than that, I loved the experience and couldn’t recommend their service more highly!

Hey guys! Decided on your wedding hair yet? Have you taken your obligatory trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole of “effortless up-dos”? (Duh. We know you have.) It’s way more stressful than you thought it was going to be, right Every once in awhile, we see a bridal product and go—WOAH, this is amazing. Team Bridal Extensions are one of those things.  The company states that their product is “the most important accessory you’ll need for the big day.” Here’s the thing—we think they might be right! How gorge are these amazing extensions?? They make seriously ANY style possible!

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Here’s the really cool part, this particular line of hair extension (Team Bridal has a patent pending) allows you to pull your own hair through the pockets within the extension to blend your natural color with the extension color, creating a perfect match. Ah-maze!




Need more proof? Look no further than these real bride images. Amazing, right?!


Ready to try them? Team Bridal Extensions has also created this super simple how-to video. You guys, these are totally do-able!


You guys. We need to confess something. We have a wedding pet peeve that we need to get out in the open: we usually hate groomsmen in rented menswear. Our trained eye (though it takes little training) can spot an ill fitting, baggy style suite from a mile away. Unfortunately, there are so few options in the tuxedo rental market that actually take modern style into consideration that most guys are forced to opt for the less-than-stylish but affordable standard. UNTIL NOW.

We want to introduce you to The Black Tux, but before we go any further, let’s have a gander at some lovely specimens that are showcasing The Black Tux wares:

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I mean. Need we say more? We’ll go ahead and continue with more photos, you know, just to be thorough:




So, we pretty much agree with GQ, who says that The Black Tux has “come to rescue guys from tux-rental hell.” I mean, how can a gal resist just black tie perfection?


With modern-slim and classic rental options that start at just $95, you absolutely can’t second guess this decision. Not only is the price absolutely perfect, but what’s even better is that suits are ordered online and delivered to your doorstep with free shipping. That’s a win-win for groomsmen that usually like to drag their feet when it comes to navigating their wedding attire plans.


If you are dead set on your guys looking fab (as you should be) and don’t want to drop the funds for purchasing designer tuxedos, then The Black Tux is an absolute no-brainer.


How cute are these fellas? I mean, can we get an Amen?


You guys. The time has finally come!! I get to share MY OWN wedding with you all! Because Martha Stewart Weddings chose to feature our wedding in their recent issue of Real Weddings, we’ve had to keep the big day under wraps! Now it is finally time to share everything with you in person!

Bryan and I became engaged in September of 2012 (how is it possible that is has been that long??). You can read a little about our engagement story here. Before starting wedding planning, my parents hosted a fall inspired engagement party for us, which you can see more of here! After the holidays, it came time to start the wedding planning process, which was crazy! We’re going to be sharing my shower and wedding with you over the next few days and tell you all about the details, but we thought it would be fun to start off with the event that kicks off the wedding planning process for most brides–finding the perfect dress!

For me, finding a dress was a huge challenge. I wanted too many things!!! After several outings of dress shopping (and honestly feeling pretty exhausted by the daunting process of shopping) my friend Leila of Be Inspired PR recommended Kirstie Kelly. Leila told me that I would actually be able to meet with Kirstie in person, which was such an exciting prospect!!! Most of the gowns I had tried on up to that point weren’t quite the one because I felt the need to tweak each design to make it perfect for me. Kirstie, whose gowns and designs are absolutely gorgeous, ended up being the perfect fit. Not only was she an absolute delight to be around, but she was just as excited about the idea of creating something a little more couture for the big day. It made the experience so much fun and my dress could not have been more perfect.

Thanks to Couture Motion Pictures, we actually had a chance to document the process in video form! So that is what I’m beyond excited to share with you today! I get all sentimental watching this and can’t believe it has already been almost two years since we said I do! You can see more of the article and interview about the making of the dress at Martha Stewart Weddings, along with my 5 tips for finding the perfect dress!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow and Wednesday as we continue all the fun!