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Flower girl dresses are some of the most fun—not to mention cutest—parts of a wedding. There are many different types of flower girl dresses, and buying one can become overwhelming. The following are the most important dos and don’ts for buying flower girl dresses that you need to keep in mind before your wedding.

Don’t: Buy material that is too hot or uncomfortable

Remember, your flower girl will be wearing this dress for a few hours, so you will want to avoid material that will become too hot or otherwise be uncomfortable.  A cranky flower girl in an itchy dress or a dress that has her complaining about the heat will definitely lead to some frustration. Instead, opt for lighter materials and make sure that if you find a dress in tulle because let’s face it all flower girls look terrific in tulle, that you buy a matching slip to keep the tulle from being an itchy nuisance.

Do: Shop online to get the best price and variety

If you’re going to buy a flower girl dress, you might be tempted to head into the nearest bridal shop. But you’ll be overpaying by a significant amount and you won’t have a great select, either. The best option is to look for flower girl dresses online, where you can get a wide variety of styles, colours and price ranges. Whatever your budget or wedding colour scheme, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and the best part it can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

Don’t: Limit yourself to all-white dresses

While many brides choose to have flower girl dresses all white to match their own, there is no reason to limit your choices to white! There are countless colours available for flower girl dresses, so you can find one that matches your wedding colours, your bridesmaids dresses, your wedding dress—or even just a dress in the favourite colour of the flower girl. Green, navy, orange, gold, even black; the options are truly endless. There are even different shade variations within each colour—such as a dark forest green or a light pastel green—so you can truly pick a colour that matches your vision for your upcoming wedding.

Do: Avoid floor length dresses in younger girls

You must remember to avoid certain flower girl dress styles depending on the age of the flower girl. If you have a younger flower girl—about 5 and younger—then you would probably prefer not to choose a floor length dress. The reason for this is that younger children are more likely to run and jump around, which will increase the chances that they might trip if they are wearing a floor length gown. They are also more likely to plop themselves on the floor which could result in a very dirty bottom half of the dress or they may even step on their long dress and rip it. Stick to tea length gowns and higher with younger flower girls.

Remember, buying a flower girl dress doesn’t have to be overwhelming! The above essential dos and don’ts will help you pick out the dress that is right for you and your flower girl. Choosing online can also help your flower girl to enjoy the shopping experience as well without them having to be dragged around to different shops.