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Reflecting on their Hawaii destination wedding, Jess and Kevin “recall how perfect everything was from that first moment arriving at Olowalu, to the flowers, the music, the weather, our wonderful friends and family, food — everything was absolutely perfect.” Not to mention bright, cheery and filled with playful nods to the tropical locale. We’re especially loving the punchy blue and coral color palette, pineapple motif and local Ululani’s Shaved Ice for desert. The all-star team planner Maui’s Angels  and florist Damselfly Designs put together a day filled with memorable details and photographer Wendy Laurel was on hand to capture it all.

What made the wedding special and unique?

Our wedding was completely customized and hand-picked to what we wanted. We are big foodies and wanted to make sure we chose the best appetizers, drinks, food, and dessert. We were so happy to Ululani Shave ice and mini pies from Leodas; our guests also loved this!

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

I brought a small entourage of family members and one of my bridesmaids to help me pick out my dress. I have always loved bling and sparkle but didn’t want something too heavy since we knew we’d be having a beach wedding. I found THE dress during my first visit to a local wedding dress boutique. I customized it by adding on more elegance/bling with a belt and tailored it to have a slight mermaid fit.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

Sadly my grandma had passed away one week prior to our wedding. Growing up my grandma and I were very close as she helped to raise me while my mom was working. Of course I wanted her to still be a part of the wedding so I had borrowed my grandma’s ring from my mom and had it tied to my bouquet. When we tied it to the bouquet, our florist Damselfly had made sure to ask my mom and I to tie the ring to my bouquet together — it was truly a very special moment for us.

We also loved that we had Marvin Tevaga perform during our wedding. We chose songs that were very close to our hearts — Kevin walked down the aisle to Beegee’s “How Deep is Your Love”, which is the song his parents walked down the aisle to, and I walked down to “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles, the song that Kevin played while we watched the sunrise at Haleakala (our first vacation together to Maui). Marvin absolutely has the voice of an angel!

Lastly, we chose some of our favorite Hawaiian dishes to notate our table names rather than using the traditional numbers.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

The simple answer is everything — we look back on our special day frequently and just recall how perfect everything was from that first moment arriving at Olowalu, to the flowers, the music, the weather, our wonderful friends and family, food — everything was absolutely perfect for us.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Kevin and I met towards the end of our undergraduate years through a mutual friend (the best man). We developed a close friendship but I was already in a long-term relationship with someone. When that relationship finally ended, Kevin did the swoop and charmed his way into my life. Kevin supported me through the hardships of veterinary school and when I graduated we finally no longer had to have a long-distance relationship. Our relationship grew stronger through our continuous love and support for one another. After about 4 years of dating, Kevin proposed to me at the restaurant where we had our first date — the restaurant was decorated with photos of us through our years together that were tied onto balloons. I thought I was going out to have drinks with his sister and was so shocked at what was going on, but of course I said yes. I also always told Kevin that if/when he proposed, I wanted to make sure my nails were done for all the photos to come so he brought a bottle of nail polish to the restaurant too!


Photographer: Wendy Laurel // Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels // Florist: Damselfly Designs // Invitation Design: Lin Kung // Venue: Olowalu Plantation Estate // Gown Maggie Sottero // Salon Janene’s Bridal Boutique // Officiate: Ernest Puaa // Musician: Marvin Tevaga // Hair & Makeup: Maui Make Up Artistry // Cake: Cake Fanatics // Event Rentals: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals // Catering: Aloha Events Catering // Shaved Ice: Ululani’s Shaved Ice // DJ: Maui DJ Services


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Lynsey and Jeff focused on making their day “cozy, personal, and fun” and ultimately felt that it’s what made their day special and unique. Chaumette Vineyard & Winery set the scene providing rolling hills for the ceremony backdrop and a barn for their warm and relaxed reception. We’re loving the purple-hued palette especially in the florals by  Snapdragon Studio and Lynsey’s applique, long sleeve gown by Tara Keely is a showstopper. The always-amazing Carretto Studio was behind the lens capturing all the details and moments of the couples big day.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

We tried our best to focus on making sure our day was a true reflection of us as a couple. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what you think other people will like and the newest wedding trends, but in the end, it’s a day for the two of you. When we were first looking at venues, we had to put a lot of thought into what we wanted our wedding to be and the “feel” we wanted it to have. We envisioned our day with our friends and family kicking their shoes off and letting loose. Cozy, personal, and fun. We kept this at the forefront during planning, and I think it made our day special and unique.

When we walked into The Barn at Chaumette we could immediately envision our friends on the dance floor and our families on the patio sharing drinks. It was intimate, warm, and laid back—perfect for what we had in mind. Also, it was unlike any wedding venue we had been to before.

We also tried to incorporate “us” into the details. The groomsmen lost the ties, we brought in the gooey butter cake (our favorite!), and the band covered all the hits of the 90’s. A few traditions may have been “missing”, but there was no shortage of glow sticks. The wedding party, including the bride and groom, joined our guests at cocktail hour, and dinner was served family style. If you ask us, it was special, unique, and perfect.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

 The dress was designed by Tara Keely and purchased from the Ultimate Bride in St. Louis, MO. After getting engaged, I started studying dresses in magazines (obviously) and fell in love with long-sleeve dresses. Specifically, I kept marking the dresses with sleeves, a sheath fit, and some lace. My “favorite” before shopping (i.e. based on pictures) was actually the dress I ended up choosing (love at first sight).

I went shopping with my mom, matron of honor, and maid of honor, and we were on the hunt for sleeves! This narrowed the search a ton. (Thank goodness, because there are so many gorgeous dresses to choose from and I needed help, as I can barely make a decision about what to order for dinner.) I actually tried on the dress and gave it some thought but didn’t really have the “feeling” or think, “this is one I need to try again.” In fact, I walked away that day having two favorites, neither of which was my dress. Because I couldn’t decide between those two on the spot, I decided to go home and sleep on it.

Thank goodness I did! A few days later, my mom suggested trying on the Tara Keely dress again. After letting it all sink in, I completely agreed, and my initial love for the dress returned. When we went back to the Ultimate Bride, they had my other “favorites” pulled. I asked them to pull the Tara Keely. When I put it on, I knew I had to have it. For the record, I wasn’t a crier when I “said yes to the dress;” I just wanted to dance around in it.

What were some special touches added to make the wedding personal?

 Veil – I wore my mom’s veil from when she and my dad got married in 1987.

Band – We had a rockin’ 90’s band called the Mixtapes from Springfield, Missouri. They played everything from Britney Spears to Rage Against the Machine. The party did not stop; everyone was on their feet!

Officiant – One of Jeff’s best friends officiated our wedding. I think this was a really special and personal touch. He’s hilarious, but also extremely well spoken and thoughtful. The day of the wedding was the first day Jeff and I heard the ceremony dialogue, and it was perfect. At one point, just before Jeff and I exchanged our vows, he had our bridal party take vows where they promised to always support our marriage. It wasn’t something I had seen before, and it was a great touch, as it included all of our friends who have been so special to us.

Cocktail Hour – Cocktail hour is typically when the wedding party scurries off for pictures or a party bus. We contemplated both, but due to everything being on-site, neither was really necessary. We ultimately decided to join our guests at cocktail hour and I’m so happy we did. Everyone came in to see us, and of course, we wanted to spend time with each person on our guest list. We decided, why hide away when we can extend the time we have with all of our loved ones in one place!

What was the most memorable part of the day?

 There are four moments that stand out to me: (1) the first look; (2) “I do” and the kiss; (3) the moments after the ceremony; and (4) the final songs of the reception.

A friend of ours had given the advice to pick out one moment before the big day to focus on. She explained how the whole day turns into one big blur, and encouraged us to work to remember our one chosen moment. Jeff and I talked about this prior to the big day. I had chosen the “I do” moment and our first kiss as a married couple. Jeff had chosen the first look. I really wanted to remember the moment he had chosen too, so I set out to focus on two parts of the day. I am so thankful we were given this advice. I feel like I can accurately reminisce on both of these moments, and I am so grateful.

The other moments, the time after the ceremony and the final songs of the reception, stuck with me as well.  After the ceremony, Jeff and I exited the area and spent about 10 minutes in solitude before joining our guests at cocktail hour. This was a private, relaxed moment Jeff and I were able to share, which stands out amidst the buzz of the wedding day. We were able to celebrate our marriage, just the two of us, and make sure we were connected to how special the day was before beginning the reception.

The final songs of the ceremony were so much fun! It was like everyone was exerting all of the fun they had left in them, knowing the day was nearly over. I’ll always remember the smiles on everyone’s faces, and dancing with all of our closest friends and family.

 Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Jeff and I met in law school at the University of Missouri. We were in the same section (i.e., we had every class together), but it took awhile for things to take off.

The first time we met we were at a law school social at a Columbia comedy club. We briefly exchanged names and small talk, but that was pretty much the extent of it. We were both meeting so many people and had just submerged ourselves into a new, overwhelming world made up of libraries and lectures.

Throughout the semester, we would exchange smiles or a casual, “how are you.” It wasn’t until the end of first semester that things started to happen. One of our professors was throwing a happy hour after class, and we finally exchanged more than a few words, including phone numbers. Things moved slowly at first, but eventually—full speed ahead. I was very independent and not looking for a serious relationship, but something was just different with him.

After meeting in our first year of law school, we were engaged by the end of our second year. On April 22nd, Jeff told me we were going out for my birthday. I had the weirdest feeling that whole day. I told myself, “No way, Lynsey. You are losing your mind!” We went to our favorite local restaurant, and then we proceeded to head downtown. He said we were going to meet some friends for drinks, but because we were running a little early, he suggested a walk. I immediately commented that my shoes were not comfortable and it was a really cold day for the end of April. He told me to suck it up, and he’d let me open my gift if I walked. Obviously I wanted whatever was in that bag, so we were off and walking! We walked around the Mizzou Quad, and took a seat (to rest my feet) on the columns. He gave me a card with the sweetest words I had ever read and then told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was down on one knee.  It was dark and I could hardly see, but the diamond was bright enough to make my heart jump.  I cried and called my parents and my two best friends before we headed to meet friends for drinks to celebrate!

Photography: Carretto Studio // Floral Design: Snapdragon Studio // Program, Menu, Table Numbers: Grace Designs DIY // Invitations: Minted // Venue: Chaumette Vineyard & Winery // Hair:  Sara Stephenson // Makeup:  Lauren Brewer // Cake: Russell’s on Macklind // Gown Designer: Tara Keely // Wedding Dress: The Ultimate Bride // Band: The Mixtapes // Catering: Chaumette Vineyard & Winery // Ceremony Music: Complete Wedding & Events // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: White House Black Market // Men’s Attire: Joseph A Bank


“It felt like a dream, it was that beautiful.” says bride, Brianna, of her wedding to Joseph atOlowalu Plantation Estate. We couldn’t agree more!  Planned and designed by Maui’s Angels, with stunning florals by Mandy Grace Designs , the details are abundant including whimsical stationery by Kate Paulson Designs and signage by  Miss B Calligraphy, an amazing dessert bar by Maui Wedding Cakes, a bold ceremony design, and romantic sunset-hued tablescapes. We LOVE everything about Brianna and Joe’s big day and you can see it all in these photographs captured by the amazing Wendy Laurel.

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What was the most memorable part of the day?

Other than saying “I Do”, it was walking into my own wedding. After getting hair and make-up done at the hotel (Honua Kai) the girls and I all got into a limo and headed to the Olowalu Plantation. I walked into the house (which is stunning itself) and out onto the porch that overlooks the grounds and saw the bar, lights, tables, chairs and arch for the ceremony, and everything else. The plantation grounds were filled with decorations in every area and flowers everywhere along with a huge chandelier hanging from a tree over-top of the bar. There were a good amount of people working their tails off right up until the ceremony to make everything perfect for us. When I saw how magical and perfect everything was all at that moment I become overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe that this was my wedding. It felt like a dream, it was that beautiful.

Also, Joe had surprises sent to me throughout the day. It started with breakfast, then a while after that he surprised me with a trip to Thailand in a note along with a diamond bracelet that I had my eye on for months, so I could wear it on my wedding day. But my favorite was a framed picture of my dogs (next to a little shot of Patron to calm my nerves) that he had set up and waiting at the Olowalu Plantion for me. I was really bummed when I wasn’t able to include them in on the big day, so having a little piece of them there was just the cherry on top. All in all our wedding was everything and more. People still talk about it to this day of how beautiful it was. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard how amazing our pictures are.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

After I got finished with college I moved into a duplex in St. Cloud with three of my girlfriends. For a very short time Joe and a couple of his friends lived on the other side of the duplex before they moved to a different house. We kept in touch after he had moved out and started dating after a couple of months. Five years later he decided to propose on top of Mt. Solaro in Capri, Italy.




Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels Destination Weddings & Events // Photographer: Wendy Laurel // Florist: Mandy Grace Designs // Stationery: Kate Paulson Designs // Ceremony/Reception Site: Olowalu Plantation Estate // Signage: Miss B Calligraphy // Cake: Maui Wedding Cakes // Rentals: Signature Rentals Maui // Gown Designer: Watters // Grooms/Groomsmen Clothing Designer: Jos A. Bank // Bridesmaids Clothing Designer: Show Me Your Mumu // Hair & Make-up for Bride: MeiLi Autumn Beauty // Catering: Sugar Beach Events // Cocktails and Bar: Garnish Craft Cocktails // Live Music: Jasmine Rice // DJ Entertainment: Maui DJ Services // Linens: Adorn Company // Officiate: Ernest Puaa


The inspiration in this romantic and colorful shoot came from planner Brianne McMullan Events love of the Magnolia bloom. The southern-influenced shoot at The Cator Woolford Gardens includes gorgeous florals by Shean Strong  like the Magnolia ceremony installation and romantic bouquets and centerpieces in a bold palette. With stationery by Empress Stationery, a Ginger Spice Bakery cake and calligraphy by Anna Sayers Calligraphy, the overall look is bright garden party with old European undertones and it’s all captured beautifully by Shelby Rae Photographs .

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Venue: The Cator Woolford Gardens // Planning/Design: Brianne McMullan Events // Photography: Shelby Rae Photographs // Floral Design: Shean Strong // Stationery: Empress Stationery // Calligraphy: Anna Sayers Calligraphy // Gown Designer/Style: Amy Kuschel/Venice // Gown Boutique: Kelly’s Closet // Cake Design: Ginger Spice Bakery // Models: Caroline Schulte & James White // Dog: Addison the Sheepadoodle // Makeup: Margaret Snider Artistry // Hair: Renee Locher // Linens: La Tavola // Chair Rentals: Event Rentals Unlimited // Tuxedo: The Modern Gent
// Styling Board: Heirloom Bindery // Vintage Stamps: Vintage Postage Shop // Ribbon: Adorn // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box


Ally and Taylor met in high school but had few memories of each other when they reconnected years later. Within two weeks of dating Taylor told Ally he loved her and that they would be getting married—about which he was 100% correct. Months later, the couple celebrated their big day at The Kelley Farm with close family, friends, their faith and a beautiful barn wedding and brunch.  Ally attributes much of the design success to the rentals from The Meaningful Details and we’re into the pastel florals by Paisley Petals. Check it all out in these images by B. Jones Photography who was on hand to capture the joy of the day.

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What made the wedding special and unique? 

Our wedding was special to us because it was centered around our faith. Our relationship with God is the most important thing in our life, and it was an amazing blessing to have our family and friends together with us to celebrate. Being able to bring people together from all different backgrounds and faiths, all people whom we love is not something we have the privilege of doing very often. There was a time when we considered making the ceremony something that would be more vanilla, and a little less focused on our faith, but we chose to stick to what was important to us. We wanted to make sure our ceremony was true to who we are and our beliefs, and it was so special to be able to share our wedding day with the people who are most important to us.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

Looking back at the gown I wore for our wedding, I’m not surprised I fell in love with it. It was everything I could have hoped to find. I always envisioned our wedding being classic and timeless, something where wouldn’t look back at the photos and wonder, “what the heck were we thinking?!” I fell in love with the Pronovias brand after seeing many of their dresses online. I was excited when I found a boutique shop in town that carried the Pronovias line. I went to MeaMarie Bridal Atelier in Kirkland, WA with my mom and we loved everything about it. It was beautiful, chic, and has an overwhelming sense of ‘bridal’ which I really appreciated. There’s only one time I’ll be getting a wedding dress for myself, and I was ready to soak it all up! Rachelle, the attendant at the shop, brought me a beautiful selection of dresses to try on. I originally thought I wanted something with lace, and I quickly found I did not like the way it looked on me. When I tried on the Pronovias Tatiana gown, I was blown away by its simplicity and elegance. It quickly became a favorite of all of ours, but I didn’t want to purchase anything right away and end up with buyer’s remorse. I let a couple days go by, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful the gown was! That weekend my mom and I went back to MeaMarie and let them know I had found my dress!

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal? 

We found this amazing woman, Dawn, who really helped our wedding vision come to life! Dawn owns The Meaningful Details in Bonney Lake, WA and has the most amazing decor rentals! I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of wedding decor that I would probably never use again and end up trying to sell anyway, so I was overjoyed to find Dawn. We rented a ton of vintage picture frames from her to use for different signage, to have wedding photos of our family generations, and photos of Taylor and I around the reception area.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

Leading up to the wedding Taylor and I talked numerous times about whether or not we would cry. Our first look was so special and the anticipation of it was overwhelming. I was so excited to see Taylor. When I walked over to him behind the barn he turned around and it truly was the most unforgettable moment as we embraced one another. I assumed Taylor would be somewhat emotional, but he bawled. To know someone loves you so much and also knowing you get to spend the rest of your life together creating memories and a legacy together, it’s truly the best feeling in the world. In that moment, it all hit us both that we were about to embark on the most amazing journey.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Taylor and I actually met many years ago while in high school. However, we only had a few memories of each other up until April of 2016. Today we laugh thinking about how hilarious it would be to go back in time and tell our high school selves that we would be getting married. Neither of us would have believed it, nor would any of our friends. Taylor was two grades below me and was, what some might refer to as a punk, class-clown type whose charm happened to be his saving grace. I was much more reserved, spent my days playing soccer and was never an issue for my teachers.

We lost track of each other over time as I took off for college and Taylor began his career immediately following high school. After nearly eight years of no communication, one night Taylor felt compelled to reach out to me over Facebook. We ended up messaging each other for a few weeks and despite my traditionally patient nature, I got tired of just chatting and requested that Taylor finally ask me out on a date.

We didn’t waste any time getting to know one another. From early on, our conversations included talking about the big stuff. The kind of stuff that might scare people away early on in a dating relationship. We bonded over our passion for God and as the days went by, it became more and more clear to us that our re-connection was not just mere happenstance or coincidence, but a divine intervention.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Taylor had grown and changed over the years. I learned that he too has a burning desire to achieve great success in life. He has an amazing heart and curiosity for people, places, and things like no one else I had ever met. We spent many days and nights having so much fun getting to know one another and learning about what was important to each other. No more than two weeks into dating did Taylor tell me he loved me, followed by letting me know that we would be getting married.

Fast forward to October 2016, Taylor and I were ready for our life to begin together. Taylor respectfully met with my parents and my older brother, and asked each of them for their blessing to marry me. They all were overjoyed at his request and then it was time for the proposal.

I had plans to go to brunch with my mom on a Sunday morning in October before an afternoon we had planned together. I woke up late and only had time to hop in the shower before my mom was going to stop by my house and pick me up. Hair and makeup was going to have to wait for later. My mom urged we had reservations that we could not miss that morning, and looking good did not seem like a priority at the time. As we got to brunch I could tell something was up with my mom, but didn’t think much of it. She began to tell me a story about how the neighbors had all been receiving weird mail. Hanging onto every word she spoke, I hesitantly accepted an envelope with my name on it from her. If my neighbors were getting weird mail, I thought, “what the heck could this be?!” As I opened the letter, I realized it was a very sweet note from Taylor. At first I didn’t think too much of it because he had left me notes many times before. However, at the end of his note, I started thinking, “oh my gosh, maybe he is proposing sometime today!”

Right after I finished reading the letter, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was Taylor! At this point, I knew a proposal was about to happen. Our table was against the windows overlooking part of downtown, and the tables surrounding us were filled with other guests. Taylor took my hand, I got up to my feet and he began telling me all the things he loved about me. He placed my hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat—Taylor is not one to get nervous, but his heart was nearly exploding out of his chest. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In that moment, all of the other people in the restaurant seemed to fade away as I said “yes!”

Ally + Taylor from Channeled Wedding Co. on Vimeo.

Photographer: Becca of B. Jones Photography // Florist: Paisley Petals // Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Kelley Farm // Rentals: The Meaningful Details // Wedding Dress Salon: Mea Marie // Cake: Hoffman’s Fine Cakes & Pastries // Hair/Makeup: Katya Gudaeva | Bridal Beauty Agency // Bridemaid’s Gift to the Bride: Christian Louboutin// Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie // Groomsmen Attire: Calvin Klein & Men’s Wearhouse