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If you are wondering when you should send out wedding invitations, there are many factors to consider. 

Traditionally wedding invitations are sent 6 to 12 weeks before the wedding day. But if many of your friends and family have far to travel, you might like to give them more time, especially if they are coming from overseas. 

If you are having a destination wedding, it is normal to give 9 to 12 months notice, so guests have time to save for the trip and get time off work. Also, if you have an out-of-season wedding, a winter wedding, for example, ample notice lets people plan their time off. Most of us like to take annual leave during summer to soak up the sun. 

In general, the more time you give guests, the better. These days people have super busy lifestyles, so they appreciate knowing far in advance what dates they need to block out on their calendars. 

The more notice you give guests leading up to your big day, the more likely they will be able to attend. That is why you should only invite the guests you want there (not the ones you feel you should invite or who your parents might like to attend). Many couples feel pressure to invite every family member and their partners, but you also need to keep to a budget. So when you send out your invitations, keep in mind that everyone will probably say yes, especially when you give them plenty of time to plan on being there.

Before we go any further, there is that issue of Covid that seems to have touched every corner of our lives. It has also impacted the issue of when you should send out wedding invitations. Really as much notice as possible is good for people traveling from overseas these days. Keep in mind most airlines only take bookings one year in advance. Also, there is the issue of the post, which has been slowed down or sometimes ground to a halt during the pandemic. If you send your invitations out one to two months before the day, it should allow for potential delays. If not, the mail will arrive to your guests early, which will be just fine. Better early than late, as they say!

Another option is to go digital and forgo the need to use the postal system altogether. 

But paper is so beautiful and it’s so exciting for loved ones to receive a formal wedding invitation in the mail and display it at home to get excited about the big event. Paperlust is one of the most popular online companies for printed and digital wedding invitations. The Australian company has sample packs of papers for only $5. You can feel the papers and see how the print techniques look in real life before you order. We love this idea and say it’s never too early to order samples to help your decision on which paper and print type you want to be featured on your wedding invitation. 

So now you know when to send out wedding invitations, what about all the other invites? There is the engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette and stag parties to think about and you might also be having pre and post-wedding events. Hopefully, your bridal party will help you arrange the hen’s and bachelor celebrations and you would send out the wedding shower invitations one to two months before the wedding and time the events to happen at least a week before your best day ever. For other events around the wedding day, like the rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch, you can include them as part of your wedding stationery suite. Paperlust has all needs taken care of, and you can even order wedding day stationery like menus, name cards, and seating plans so your lovely day will look styled, cohesive and matching. Plus it’s easy to buy everything from one place.

It’s also convenient to take care of your order online with Paperlust. Couples can easily manage envelope address printing, add guest names to each invite, upload data and arrange express delivery from the comfort of home.

Paperlust has 300+ talented independent designers who are constantly adding new designs to the already impressive collection on offer. They keep up-to-date with the latest trends and probably started a few trends themselves with innovative and creative wedding invitations and matching stationery that is always beautifully stylish. 

When you combine the stunning designs with the options for formats, shapes, specialty print and luxe papers, wedding dreams come true. Every couple can customize and personalize their wedding stationery. 

We have our eye on the gorgeous tri-fold wedding invitations with rsvp (no envelopes needed) and also the stunning arch wedding invitations with lovely die-cut shapes that are a new product released by Paperlust recently. 

Paperlust uses inclusive package pricing so you can get the invites to your guests on time. Crisp white envelopes come with invitations and pricing is inclusive of express shipping for Australia and New Zealand (for orders over USD$300). You can also order a different color of envelope for a small additional cost. Paperlust offers great value for money with 15% off three or more in a purchase. Every detail can be checked and tweaked at the proofing stage and after printing, orders are manually double-checked. Everything is taken care of so you can dive into the next part of planning. We are sure you have cake tasting, floral selections, outfit shopping and much more to take care of while you are waiting for those beautiful invites to arrive in the mail.

We have to mention how Paperlust cares for the environment and gives back to Mother Earth. For every purchase, they plant a tree with One Tree Planted, orders arrive in recycled packaging and papers are sourced sustainably. It’s just another reason to connect with Paperlust and after a waltz around their website, we are sure you will want to invite them to be part of your wedding day.