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Elisha and Elliot’s wedding day Philander Chase Knox Estate, a venue nestled into the historic valleys of Pennsylvania, mixes styles and personalized details for a rustic and elegant celebration. The muted pastels of the mix-and-match bridal party compliment the lovely greens of the landscape. We’re loving the floral designs by Risher Van Horn including the bride’s vintage-style cascading bouquet and the lovely white blooms incorporated into the rustic log chuppah. And, the couple definitely made the perfect choice by enlisted Ashley Errington Photography to capture their day in her dreamy film photography style—the images are gorgeous!

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What made the wedding special and unique?

There really wasn’t one part of our wedding that wasn’t unique. Everywhere you looked, you saw our personalities. From the cigar boxes for flower arrangements on the table, a completely thrifted outdoor living room area for our cigar lounge, the cake topper with the phrase “God Gave Me You”, the Hawk I got to surprise my Hubby with because he loves them. Everything represented who we are as people and a couple. It was so magical for us and we heard from everyone around us this was their favorite wedding.


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

I found the dress at Elizabeth Jon in Ardmore, PA. I am the type of bride who won’t make impulse decisions unless it feels perfect. I went to 4 other shops by this point and loved a lot of dresses but they all missed the mark. They didn’t make me feel like a bride, just pretty. I saw this dress on the sample rack (YES, A SALE!) and it was unlike any dress I tried on, but I thought why not. Once I put it on, I got really quiet because I felt so beautiful and enchanting. I walked out to my mother and mother-in-law and they gasped and said  “Well this is different!”. I was so quiet that they didn’t know how to react, did I love it or hate it? After a little talking back and forth on how it fell in all the right places I finally looked at them and said, “Where is the champagne? Let’s celebrate! I found the dress!”


What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

    • We love cigars so I thrift-shopped for 6 months to put together the outdoor cigar lounge
    • We had cigar boxes for the flower arrangements on the tables
    • We loved the cake topper
    • The small cake next to the one from the catering company was a gifted geocake (what I wanted in the first place) from a friend of mine
    • How our first dance song was “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice, and then Elliot’s Mother/Son song was “I Hope You Dance”, not planned but hilarious
    • The chuppah was custom made from Elliot’s father, fabric from my mom, and the logs with the lanterns underneath. It came together perfectly and better than I could have imagined.



What was the most memorable part of the day?

So many parts. Seeing Elliot’s face when he first realized I surprised him with the hawk was the best. Other than that, I remember when Elliot and I stepped outside of the tent during the reception and looked in. Elliot said: “Isn’t it amazing that all the people we love are in one room. When will we ever have that again?” We were both so thankful, happy, and blessed to see everyone there. Looking in allowed us to soak in the entire moment. For us the wedding didn’t fly by because we stopped a couple times to take it all in. It was all just so perfect.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

From the bride: Oh man that’s a story! It all goes back to when we were 2 years old. Our parents are friends and I was invited to Elliot’s Barney themed second birthday. I was obsessed with Barney at the time, being 3 years old, and let’s just say he won me over.

From the groom: After elementary school, we had both gone in separate directions. I moved to Oklahoma for six years and she was still in Philly. We had met again at a friend’s birthday party and it was history in the making from there. After a couple surprise trips to Philly, her buying me a cocktail in Nova Scotia, from the comforts of her apartment in Philadelphia, and duck hunting in Oklahoma together, she convinced me to move back and I proposed on June 20th in front of what will be our first home.


Photography: Ashley Errington Photography // Florals: Risher Van Horn // Venue: Philander Chase Knox Estate // Catering: Robert Ryan Catering // Hair + Makeup: Tundella & Co // Groom’s Suit: Stark Suits // Videographer: CinemaCake // Hawk: Elmwood Park Zoo // Bride’s Dress: Elizabeth Jon, Ardmore PA // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: ASOS & LuLus




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The pairing of Grey Collective Members Arte de Vie and Blue Gardenia Events produces absolute perfection in Joia and Louie’s wedding at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center. At once simple and visually impactful, the ceremony details included white, orchid-filled ceremony florals, chuppah and bouquet by Bee’s Wedding & Event Design in the industrial light-filled space. And the reception—wow!!!! The warehouse space was transformed into a lush, candlelit celebration by Blue Gardenia Events and Firefly Ambiance. Joia and Louie’s modern nuptials are the epitome of a neutral palettes and perfectly edited details and we love the way  Arte de Vie captures it all in their signature film style.

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from the photographer: Where to even begin with Joia and Louie’s wedding day?!  This couple was stylish and classy in a simply elegant manner from their rehearsal attire to the wedding day dress and suit, to Joia’s reception gown. The New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center could not have been a better match for this couple! This was actually our first wedding at the CAC, and I have to say that it was so much fun to watch the space come alive. The ceremony room is a long narrow room with light flooding in from the windows, exposed beams and ducts, and unfinished floors. Once you move in chairs, florals, a chuppah — the entire space changes dramatically. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in the main entrance of the gallery, and then they were led into the incredible reception area transformed from warehouse by day to a lush, warm ambiance for their celebration. The decor was amazing! I loved seeing Joia and Louie’s reaction as Blue Gardenia Events led them into the space for their first glimpse. They almost lost it! They were overjoyed with the results.


Photographer: Arte de Vie // Event Planner: Blue Gardenia Events // Florist: Bee’s Wedding & Event Design // Ceremony and Reception Venue: Contemporary Arts Center // Candle Décor: Firefly Ambiance // Hair: Ali Vasquez Hair // Makeup: Lynna Vo // Ceremony Musicians: New Orleans Finest Musicians // Reception Entertainment: Dry Water Band // Caterer: Joel’s Catering
// Videographer: Studio Vieux Carre // Staging, Lighting, Pipe & Drape: See Hear Productions // Catering and Bar Rentals: Perrier // Rentals (Tables, Chairs, Misc.): Event Rental // Lounge Furniture: 12th Table


It was really important to Karli and Todd that their wedding felt personal—that it be a total blast celebrating their love and families. So, they enlisted the help of Grey Collective member, and wedding-planner-extraordinaire, Bustle Events to plan and design an absolutely gorgeous day filled with love and a punchy modern vibe. The details are fun and fresh from the pink-hued florals everywhere, to the custom dance floor lettering to the geometric paper gem chandelier. We love it all and know you will too, especially in photos and amazing as these by the talented Heather Kincaid!

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What made the wedding special and unique?

It was really important to me that our wedding felt personal, and not so cookie cutter or traditional, and I think that really came through in our unique style and all the personal details. More importantly though, my main desires for the wedding were that it would be a total blast (for us and our guests), and that we wouldn’t lose sight of what the day was about: love,  family, and starting our lives together. I think that mindset really helped my husband and I and our families stay aligned, and allowed us to really enjoy the process while not getting caught up in the little things too much. Of course we wanted it to look awesome and beautiful, but that was not more important than the simple fact that we were getting married. Also, when the weekend came, I was done. Thank goodness we had a planner I would trust with my life, but even if we didn’t, what was done was done and we were going to enjoy every second of our wedding. If things went wrong, then they went wrong, but we were still getting married and that was SO exciting. We had so many people tell us after the wedding that it was the best they had ever been to, and I think it had to do with the relaxed vibe we set, through decor, and through attitude.


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

When I first started dress shopping I had it in my head not to try on too many dresses. I also went into it completely blind, I didn’t want some specific idea or dress in my head and then not be able to find it, or even worse, be closed off to other amazing dresses I may encounter, so I decided to just be open minded. I went to a 4 different places with my mom and sister over a few months, and thought I had found the dress. It was very simple and had a gorgeous back, but I could tell my family wasn’t that amused, so my mom made a last minute appointment at Panache Bridal in Beverly Hills while we were down the street at another shop, and we raced over. It’s funny, because I was previously adamant about not going there as I thought it just wasn’t my style from having looked in the window. They had me pick out 10 dresses and on my way back to the dressing room I grabbed an 11th, which happened to be the dress I chose. It was just such a cool dress, so different, a little sexy but still sweet and tasteful, and had pockets! I felt amazing in it, and knew I’d never find a prettier or more awesome dress. A few minutes later I said yes to the dress and cried like a little baby. Then my mom, sister, and I went out for caviar and Bloody Marys to celebrate. My dress was by Inbal Dror, an Israeli designer.


What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

Some examples of the personal touches: Our welcome bags had a mix of Todd’s and my favorite snacks as well as my mom’s homemade banana chocolate chip bread, a personal note from Todd and I, and some flash tattoos to really set the mood for the weekend: mood being fun and unpretentious. My dad and brother and I built our Chuppah together and kept it for my sister and brother to use in the future. My mom did a lot of little cute DIY projects to surprise us: She made the raddest gold cocktail stirrers, with little pigs on top. I’m a total pig lover and everyone knows it, so it was such a cute and thoughtful touch. She also made a ring pillow carrier for the ring bearer out of a Jonathan Adler “S” pillow (S for Snyder). We had registered for this pillow too so it was also a gift to us. My husband surprised me with a 1 minute video during dinner and speeches: a compilation of all the videos he’s taken of me dancing over the years and not knowing he was filming. We decided to do a tequila shot toast instead of a champagne toast, because it’s more our style. We are not really champagne drinkers so a champagne toast seemed silly to us and too formal. We declined the champagne toast that was included in our package at the Parker, and asked them to bring in our favorite tequila instead. Also, the signage was a really good opportunity to add personal touches. We came up with our own sayings that fit us and our personalities rather than something cliche or copying something we’ve seen. Funny enough, “tushy” seemed to be a common word of the night, we are tushy people after all. We wanted people to be comfortable and really enjoy themselves and adding a touch of humor in our signs helped set the tone we wanted for the day. The seating chart said:”Park your tushies here” and our amazing wedding planner, Erin, surprised us with a dance floor decal that said “Dance your tushies off!” She knew we wanted our wedding to be a total blast and the best dance party ever so it was SO fitting. We loved it. We had a sign at the bar that said: “but first, tequila” as well as a little bottle of Casamigos at every place setting for our tequila toasts. I think what made it the most personal though (and this is nothing unique), was our vows. Not only was it meaningful for us to write our own vows for our own reasons, but we got a lot of comments afterwards from guests about how much they enjoyed hearing them and that it made them feel like they really knew us better and understood our love. It was overwhelming to hear that from so many people, and made us feel happy and loved.


What was the most memorable part of the day?

For me, my husband’s surprise video sticks out the most. (A little background, my husband travels for work and was out of town a lot of the time we were wedding planning, so my mom and I had a blast doing most things together.)  He introduced the video with a little speech saying that I spent so much time planning our wedding and knew every little thing that was going to take place; well, almost everything. It was his way of contributing and put together a little video of the reasons why he loves me (it was mostly me dancing and not knowing he was filming). He had been planning the whole thing ahead of time with our planner, and it was such a fun interruption that I think our guests enjoyed too. He COMPLETELY pulled it off and surprised me. I love going back and watching a recording of it at our wedding, and hearing everyone’s laughs and reactions in the background. It was a really sweet moment that I’ll never forget. Another most special moment was our first look. For some reason we were both SO nervous while getting ready, and all those nerves went away once we saw each other. I highly recommend doing a first look for all brides!!


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met online back before Tinder was a thing, but soon found out that we lived just 4 blocks away from each other and even went to the same high school. We had a whole history of common friends and paths which was fun to figure out, and it was like we met and never looked back. After our first date we saw each other for the next 8 consecutive days and the rest is history. We got engaged July 2015, the day before my husband’s 30th birthday (and surprise party I had been planning for him for months). The fact that we were both trying to surprise each other 1 day apart (drove our friends and family crazy) I think helped us not notice the other person was planning something. That night, I thought I was meeting my husband at my parents’ house so they could take us to dinner for his birthday, but when I arrived no one was there but Todd. The whole backyard was lit up with lights and candles; that’s when I knew something was up. He had set up a little picnic with champagne and my favorite flowers, and proposed while my dad was hiding in the bushes taking pictures. It was so special, and he wanted it to be somewhere that was special to me. Afterwards when we walked back to the other side of the yard, EVERYONE was there: my family, his family (who I secretly planned to come into town for HIS surprise party the next day, but he thought HE secretly brought them into town) and all of our closest friends. We had a little engagement party that night and celebrated and it was the best night ever. I later found out my mom and 2 closest friends where there all day with Todd, helping him set up. I have really special people in my life. Also, in case you were wondering, I still pulled off his surprise party the next day! My cheeks hurt for like 4 days after too, from all the smiling.



Photography: Heather Kincaid // Planning & Design: Bustle Events // Floral: Siren Floral Co. // Invitations: Maude Press // Venue /Catering /Bar: Parker Palm Springs // Calligraphy: Miss Multee // Band: JB Project // Videographer: Shark Pig // Linens/ Napkins: La Tavola // Rentals/ Lighting: Classic Party Rentals // Paletas: Si Paletas

Jesica and Alex’s wedding was a dream come true. Coordinated by Amy Abbott Events and set in the idyllic beachfront of Cabo, the wedding celebration lasted 3 days with different events exploring the natural beauty and food of the area. The ceremony was held on the beach front of the Cabo Surf hotel, married by one of their best friends while their family and closest friends witnessed their personal vows. The reception was held in garden of the hotel and filled with elegant, romantic details and covered in pale pinks, neutrals, and natural green colors of the florals by Pina. The gorgeous images of the event by Ana & Jeromeare sure to delight all you destination brides.

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how they met: Jes and Alex met at work when they were working on a project together for major release. Alex was still new to the city, and Jes started inviting him to local bars and nights out with her friends where they started to hang out more and more. One magical night, Alex, Jes, and their friends stayed up all night and watched Lilo and Stitch, Aladdin, and Lion King; that’s when sparks started to fly. A few weeks later, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, and in the midst of celebrating in champagne showers in the street, they had their first kiss. And they have been inseparable ever since!



Photography: Ana & Jerome // Coordination: Martha Lomeli with Amy Abbott Events // Flowers: Pina // DJ: Teeven // Venue: Cabo Surf // Makeup and Hair: Enrique Meza // Wedding Dress: Marisa // Suit: Samuel Sohn // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Joanna August

photography @anaandjerome // coordination @amyabbottevents // flowers @pinacate0202 // venue @cabosurfhotel

makeup and hair @enriquemezaro // groom’s suit @samuelsohn // bridesmaids’ dresses @joannaaugust/

Shirley and Andrew’s wedding at Atlanta’s Piedmont Garden & Tent is filled with fresh details for a look that’s both playful and timeless. The palette is a variety of neutrals—black and white stationery, blush and champagne bridal party gowns, and gold accents—all come together seamlessly in a variety of understated choices. We love the way the floral appliques on the bride’s gorgeous Tara Keely gown are complimented by soft florals and gorgeous garlands by Boukates. Lucky for us, Cottrell Photography was behind the lens to capture all the details in these lovely images. Enjoy!

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What made the wedding special and unique?

From the bride: The most special part to me was that we were able to bring together 3 very different cultures seamlessly & effortlessly (Chinese, Korean & American. Thank goodness to our families for being so open-minded and respectful). In addition to be able to have all of our favorite people together celebrating us was just overwhelming altogether (75% of the wedding party was from out of state and out of the country)!


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

Where do I even begin? Prior to visiting Bridals by Lori, I’ve only looked at gowns online & visited 1 BHLDN store event. My favorite styles have consistently been the more lacy, sultry, modern bohemian look similar to Grace Loves Lace & BHLDN gowns. The only reason I made an appointment at Bridal’s by Lori was just so the moms could be part of the bridal festivity. Well little did I know, that was where I was going to find my perfect dress! On the day of our appointment at Bridal’s by Lori, I was accompanied by my maid-of-honor, mom, groom’s mom & groom’s sister. I gave them my budget (max $3000) and told them each to pick dresses/styles they would like me to try on. We ended up with about 7 dresses and I “said yes to the dress” that my mom just so happened to pick! It was the 3rd dress I tried on! Although, it may not have been the type of dress I initially thought I’d wear but it was THE perfect dress for my wedding day. It was the only dress I got “the feels” in and it was the only dress that made me feel like a bride. Not to mention, the designer of my dress (Lazaro) just so happened to be in town that day and he was sweet enough to gift me a sketch of me in my wedding dress. Voila!


What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

  • First look
  • Handmade H decor by groom’s sister
  • Handmade Funfetti Marshmallow Pops, Rice Krispy Treats and DIY gold handle sticks by the groom’s dad.
  • Dessert Spread instead of just wedding cake: Groom’s cake was groom’s favorite fruit tart from Whole Foods. Groom’s mom also brought Korean rice cakes as it’s a Korean tradition.
  • Unity Tree instead of candle – idea was to watch/let your love grow, not just uniting for the moment.
  • Welcome book is designed/produced with engagement pictures and includes favorite Bible verse. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)
  • Head table floral garland runner
  • Corn hole game in the yard for happy hour activity
  • Misc Details: Black and white paper napkin for drinks, assorted blush & gold paper straws for drinks, gold foil balloons of couples initial, glow sticks, glow foam sticks, sparklers and color changing ice cubes.
  • Bride designed almost all signage and stationery
  • Veil from a new friend because I was missing something borrowed
  • Mom of the bride wore traditional Chinese Qi Pao dress
  • Ring (bride’s engagement diamond) passed down from groom’s grandma/mom
  • Bride’s grandpa flew in from China just for the wedding


What was the most memorable part of the day?

Seeing each other for the very first time at first look. We’ve cried so many times up to that point and have had so much anxiety built up that we didn’t know what to expect from each other.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

1/14/2011 Gold Room Night Club (not a strip club!) is where it all began. It may not have been the ideal place to meet your prince charming but hey, love happens when you are least expecting it, right?! Gold Room Night Club sounds sketchy but we were actually introduced by our not-so-sketchy mutual friends attending the same birthday event that night (kudos Michael & Ben). Fast forward to 11/21/2015, after 4+ years of amazing memories and milestones, Andrew surprised me on a casual Saturday stroll through Old Fourth Ward Park and asked me to be his forever.


Shirley & Andrew // Park Tavern Wedding from Imagine Video Productions on Vimeo.

Photography: Cottrell Photography // Day of Coordination: JSL Co // Florist: Boukates // Venue & Catering: Piedmont Garden & Tent // Cake: Sweet Peeps Bakery // Videography: Imagine Video Production // Music & Sound: Spectrum Entertainment // Hair Stylist: Sydney King, Veronica Sitterding & Company // Make Up Artist: Glam by Ruthie // Gown: Bridals by Lori, Tara Keely Collection by Lazaro

videography @imaginevideoproduction // day of coordination @jsl.co // florist @boukates // venue & catering @piedmontroom

hair stylist @sydneywking @vsandcompany // makeup artist @glambyruthie // cake @s_peeps_cake