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If you are wondering when you should send out wedding invitations, there are many factors to consider. 

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Traditionally wedding invitations are sent 6 to 12 weeks before the wedding day. But if many of your friends and family have far to travel, you might like to give them more time, especially if they are coming from overseas. 

If you are having a destination wedding, it is normal to give 9 to 12 months notice, so guests have time to save for the trip and get time off work. Also, if you have an out-of-season wedding, a winter wedding, for example, ample notice lets people plan their time off. Most of us like to take annual leave during summer to soak up the sun. 

In general, the more time you give guests, the better. These days people have super busy lifestyles, so they appreciate knowing far in advance what dates they need to block out on their calendars. 

The more notice you give guests leading up to your big day, the more likely they will be able to attend. That is why you should only invite the guests you want there (not the ones you feel you should invite or who your parents might like to attend). Many couples feel pressure to invite every family member and their partners, but you also need to keep to a budget. So when you send out your invitations, keep in mind that everyone will probably say yes, especially when you give them plenty of time to plan on being there.

Before we go any further, there is that issue of Covid that seems to have touched every corner of our lives. It has also impacted the issue of when you should send out wedding invitations. Really as much notice as possible is good for people traveling from overseas these days. Keep in mind most airlines only take bookings one year in advance. Also, there is the issue of the post, which has been slowed down or sometimes ground to a halt during the pandemic. If you send your invitations out one to two months before the day, it should allow for potential delays. If not, the mail will arrive to your guests early, which will be just fine. Better early than late, as they say!

Another option is to go digital and forgo the need to use the postal system altogether. 

But paper is so beautiful and it’s so exciting for loved ones to receive a formal wedding invitation in the mail and display it at home to get excited about the big event. Paperlust is one of the most popular online companies for printed and digital wedding invitations. The Australian company has sample packs of papers for only $5. You can feel the papers and see how the print techniques look in real life before you order. We love this idea and say it’s never too early to order samples to help your decision on which paper and print type you want to be featured on your wedding invitation. 

So now you know when to send out wedding invitations, what about all the other invites? There is the engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette and stag parties to think about and you might also be having pre and post-wedding events. Hopefully, your bridal party will help you arrange the hen’s and bachelor celebrations and you would send out the wedding shower invitations one to two months before the wedding and time the events to happen at least a week before your best day ever. For other events around the wedding day, like the rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch, you can include them as part of your wedding stationery suite. Paperlust has all needs taken care of, and you can even order wedding day stationery like menus, name cards, and seating plans so your lovely day will look styled, cohesive and matching. Plus it’s easy to buy everything from one place.

It’s also convenient to take care of your order online with Paperlust. Couples can easily manage envelope address printing, add guest names to each invite, upload data and arrange express delivery from the comfort of home.

Paperlust has 300+ talented independent designers who are constantly adding new designs to the already impressive collection on offer. They keep up-to-date with the latest trends and probably started a few trends themselves with innovative and creative wedding invitations and matching stationery that is always beautifully stylish. 

When you combine the stunning designs with the options for formats, shapes, specialty print and luxe papers, wedding dreams come true. Every couple can customize and personalize their wedding stationery. 

We have our eye on the gorgeous tri-fold wedding invitations with rsvp (no envelopes needed) and also the stunning arch wedding invitations with lovely die-cut shapes that are a new product released by Paperlust recently. 

Paperlust uses inclusive package pricing so you can get the invites to your guests on time. Crisp white envelopes come with invitations and pricing is inclusive of express shipping for Australia and New Zealand (for orders over USD$300). You can also order a different color of envelope for a small additional cost. Paperlust offers great value for money with 15% off three or more in a purchase. Every detail can be checked and tweaked at the proofing stage and after printing, orders are manually double-checked. Everything is taken care of so you can dive into the next part of planning. We are sure you have cake tasting, floral selections, outfit shopping and much more to take care of while you are waiting for those beautiful invites to arrive in the mail.

We have to mention how Paperlust cares for the environment and gives back to Mother Earth. For every purchase, they plant a tree with One Tree Planted, orders arrive in recycled packaging and papers are sourced sustainably. It’s just another reason to connect with Paperlust and after a waltz around their website, we are sure you will want to invite them to be part of your wedding day.

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If your hand recently got an upgrade in the form of a ring on your finger, you’ve probably started sharing the big news with friends and family. That news, we believe, is best announced in the form of unique save the dates and Paperlust is here to help you deliver that message!

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Paperlust is an Australian based stationer that serves couples worldwide in providing an endless assortment (we’re talking over 650 designs!) of wedding stationery from wedding invitations to RSVP cards, and of course one of the most important of them all—save the dates. One of the many things we love is their eye catching designs that are crafted by over 300 independent designers and are fully customizable!

Your save the date is often the first peek that your guests will get into your colors and style of your wedding, so you want to ensure you choose something that not only represents the overall feel of your big day, but also you as a couple! Because they offer paper goods for every step of the planning process, your save the dates will seamlessly match the rest of your invitation suite. Haven’t come to a decision on the style of your wedding? Don’t stress! This is the perfect time to play around with some styles and colors or browse their designs to see what stands out!

Gone are the days of only a few different save the date styles to choose from. Paperlust has also just released their line of die cut paper shapes including arch, half-arch, and angles! Choosing one of these fun styles is guaranteed to make your card unique as well as catch the eye of anyone receiving it.

When it comes to customizing your cards, Paperlust’s options for customizations go beyond just picking your colors and fonts. Choosing from their wide variety of paper types and print types such as foiling and letterpress will have you—and your guests—wowed! For the couple that wants something a bit unique and out of the box, consider a magnet, calendar, or even choosing a photo card.

We know it can sometimes feel difficult to imagine how certain papers and print types will look together. Lucky for you, Paperlust offers a sample pack of invitations (for the price of a latte may we add!) that allows you to see and feel their most popular paper and print types and help you feel confident in picking the perfect save the date cards to match the rest of your stationery suite. 

If creating a wedding website is on your planning to-do list, Paperlust has partnered with Joy to offer over 40 matching websites with their invitation design sets!

With free, worldwide shipping on orders over $300 USD and hundreds of five star reviews from brides all over the world, Paperlust is ready to bring your stationery visions to life.

Ready to say yes to your save the date cards? Head over to their website to begin designing and don’t forget to check out their Instagram page for more beautiful stationery inspiration!

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, you’ve just made one of the most important decisions of your life — and you’re about to make another. The kind of engagement ring you present to your partner should reflect their personality and the type of life you want to begin together!

Whether you’re surprising your partner or bringing them along with you, there are a few things you should know about how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

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Choosing an Engagement Ring

Don’t make the mistake of beginning your engagement ring search with little-to-no knowledge. Knowing what you want and where to start can help you make an informed decision that will make your engagement ring special. Here’s everything you should consider before you start your engagement ring search.

Stick to Your Ring Budget

First things first, make room in your budget for your engagement ring purchase — and stick to it. It may seem unimportant now, but if things go right with the engagement, you’ll be facing wedding expenses which can really put a dent in your savings.

If you’re trying to make things work with a smaller budget, talk with a knowledgeable jeweler. They’ll know exactly how to help you get the most bang for your buck. For example, the experts at Great Heights — a lab-grown diamond company holding the industry to a higher standard, offers stunning lab-created diamonds that can be up to 40% less than the price of a mined stone. Plus, you’re receiving the peace of mind that your diamond was ethically sourced.

Consider the Materials of the Ring

You have choices that range from the metals in the band to the type of stone featured in the ring. While these customization options can be overwhelming, they certainly have a big impact. That said, do you know all of your options?

Did you know that there are some kinds of precious metals that are naturally hypoallergenic? Platinum and gold, for example.

What about stone choices? Do you want a lab-grown diamond for environmental reasons and budgeting purposes? Or would you prefer a unique stone such as onyx or aquamarine?

These are some of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself during your search. The sooner you nail down your preferred materials, the sooner you’ll be able to move forward with your purchase.

Choose the Right Stone Shape

The shape of the stone you select will influence every other aspect of the ring. It’s also an easy way to filter out the plethora of customizing options, so you can avoid being overwhelmed by details!

Don’t be afraid to discuss these options with your partner. Ask them if they would prefer a classic, timeless round-shaped gem or something a bit more daring like a princess or marquise cut.

Once you understand their preferences, you can look at rings that suit them. You’ll find that things will flow a lot more easily from there.

Research Engagement Ring Vendors

Be sure to stick with accredited jewelers. If you’re not buying from a large national chain, make sure that the store you’re working with is affiliated by the Jewelers of America, the International Gemological Institute, or similar high-ranking official governing bodies. This is important to ensure the quality of the ring you’re able to purchase as well as the security of your ring-buying experience.

Key Takeaways

When you’re choosing an engagement ring, there are several things that you’ll need to consider including shape, setting, style and more! Keeping your partner in mind as you navigate these decisions will help.

You’ll want to give yourself at least six weeks to allow the ring to be properly made or updated to your specifications and delivered safely to your home.

18_Wedding Dress

The mother of the bride dress is an important element of any wedding but buying a mother of the bride dress can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, such as budget, style, colour—and more. The following are some essential dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind when buying the mother of the bride dresses.

Do: Buy online for the best deals

If you want the best deals for mother of the bride dresses, you should buy online. Online shops (such as https://www.mothersonly.com.au/ which focuses on providing mother of the bride dresses) have a wider ranges of styles, colours, and prices. Many physical retail shops will have marked up prices, so you’ll also get the best prices when you buy online.

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Don’t: Forget to complement the colour scheme of the wedding

It’s important not to forget that the mother of the bride dress needs to complement the colour scheme of the wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they should match the bridesmaid’s dresses, but what colours are being used in the wedding should be considered. The only exception to this rule is if the bride and her mother make a mutual decision about a colour that is not otherwise used in the wedding scheme.

Do: Choose a style that is flattering

A mother of the bride dress should be, above all, flattering. No one wants to look frumpy at a wedding, especially your Mother! Before you pick a dress, you should make sure that the style is going to be flattering on your body. Thankfully, modern dresses for your Mum will come in plenty of styles so you can definitely find something that is flattering to your body type. If you are not sure which style is most flattering, try on similar styles in person to see which looks best.

Don’t: Feel limited to certain styles

Today, mother of the bride dresses come in an array of stunning and flattering styles. You shouldn’t feel limited to a standard straight line dress; you can find dresses in chic fit and flare styles and even stunning cocktail dress styles for something more elegant and formality. So, don’t feel limited to basic styles—if a cocktail gown would be appropriate for the occasion, feel free to pick one out for the wedding!

Do: Buy the dress early enough for alterations if necessary

One of the most important ‘dos’ you should know regarding buying mother of the bride dresses is that they need to be purchased early enough for alterations (just like the bride). In some cases, a gown needs to be taken in, let out—or otherwise altered so that it’s as flattering as possible. If you wait too long, there may not be enough time to have the dress altered to fit properly.

Set at the breathtaking Beaulieu Garden, this beautiful editorial brought the inspiration of a 1950’s Al Fresco dinner party to life. Produced and styled by Carrie Moe of Type A Society, the look incorporates a palette of rich blues and deep greens in design details that highlight the decadent charm and ultra-chic fashion of the 1950’s. The dining table features vintage blue and white china, and is filled with fruits and matching colorful florals by Marigold. Paper design is by Aerialist Press and a spectacular graphic white cake by Frosted Cakery nods to the gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown. Lucky for us, the incredible Julie Kay Kelly was behind the lens capturing all the beauty of the shoot in these gorgeous film images.

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Photographer: Julie Kay Kelly // Producer and stylist: Carrie Moe of Type A Society // Floral artist: Marigold // Stationery: Aerialist Press // Location: Beaulieu Garden // Gowns: Little White Dress Shop / Carolina Herrera / Naeem Khan / Rime Arodaky // Styling mat: JRD Art Shop // Hair and makeup: Carrie Aldous // Candles: Creative Candles // Table linens and styling ribbons: Party Crush Studio // French Settee: Scout Rental Co // Tabletop rentals: Otis and Pearl // Veil: Claire Pettibone // Rings: Erstwhile Jewelry // Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes // Earrings: StilWorksStudio // Headpiece: Keren Wolf // Ring box: Voeu du Coeur // Cake: Frosted Cakery // Hand drawn botanicals: Kelly Moore of Type A Society // Photographer host: Kelly Berry Photo for Workshop Vero