I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

If you are like us, you are always on the hunt for “the perfect gift.” Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the value in gifting experiences instead of physical items. Now that is something that we can get on board with!! Enter unique Tinggly wedding gifts! Tinggly is a global gift. They sell only gift collections and not specific experiences.

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Here is how it works:

One price, hundreds of experiences: One gift buys you an entire collection of experiences for your loved ones to choose from. They can choose one experience and book it in few clicks.
Anywhere in the world :Their experiences are available in more than 100 countries across the globe.
5 years validity: Recipients have 5 years to book their dream experience, so they have plenty of time to plan their adventure.
Special Delivery: At Tinggly you can send your gift in a numbers of ways: email (instantly!), DHL worldwide delivery (2-3 business days), or print it out and give it them in person.
They offer experiences from island hopping in Thailand, whale-watching in Iceland, or a fabulous Game of Thrones tour in Croatia. We are totally on board with any of those amazing options!

What will you get?

With Tinggly you can get either an eVoucher (pdf) file instantly to your email, print it and present to that special someone. Alternatively, you can order a gorgeous gift box, which includes a voucher with your greeting, and a beautiful brochure about Tinggly and experience gifting idea. The box is delivered via DHL in 2-3 business days. And, Tinggly gift offers a personalized note on every voucher for free.

Now what are we waiting for?! Let’s get shopping!

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There is such an enormous amount of energy required to make a wedding perfect in every way.  Of course there are always little hiccups and trials along the way, but all too often these are forgotten; the memories are wonderful, and the little malfunctions are later laughed at (we hope)!  We all know planning is the key to making the day go as smoothly as possible, whether you engage a wedding planner, or you and your bridal party have what it takes to account for every detail, leaving no stone unturned.

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Much of the focus is on the bride and rightly so, but the groom is also an essential ingredient and with that in mind I thought this a timely opportunity to discuss the topic of Men’s Rings.  If you are preparing for your special day and working your way through the myriad of things that must be done, your list will no doubt feature what your man needs at some point.  One of the essentials is a ring – and in today’s world rings are not just the plain gold that once all men use to wear. Below are a few things that you should consider:

  • Your Groom’s personality:Is he the traditional or conservative type or is he a little more contemporary or perhaps even flashy. Perhaps he has a unique and outrageous style – nothing mediocre for him! You see where I’m going with this.  Before anything else, the ring you choose must suit his personal style. If not, he most likely won’t feel comfortable wearing it and the wedding band is a jewellery accessory to be worn everyday so he needs to be comfortable.

  • The colour and type of metal: So once you have decided on the style that suits, target your searches to take into account whether you want it to be gold or silver or some other precious metal.  Do you want it two toned or perhaps to include some precious gem stones and what type of metal will suit with his everyday living environment. Does he spend a lot of time working with his hands?  If so, you want something scratch resistant and tough; think about a Tungsten ring – the strongest metal in the world!  Or, for a metal that is still strong but not so heavy there are some very happy grooms out there now who are wearing titanium rings. This metal is great for those who want to wear their ring effortlessly, barely noticing it due to the lightness of this durable metal.  And if that isn’t enough to choose from, how about some bold inner bands in blue or bronze with black outer band – these are stunning and will be noticed by everyone (perfect for Mr Not Mediocre!)

  • Custom designs and sizing: If you find something you really love, but you can’t get it in the size you want, try somewhere that offers custom designsand sizing.  This ensures that your ring is perfectly suited to your man and you will have the pleasure of knowing that it is uniquely his.  Allow some extra time for custom designs; they generally take a little longer than others.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality: And lastly, make sure that you buy quality, for this ring will last a lifetime!

Today let’s chat about something that is always top of mind this time of year, paper! From holiday cards to thank you notes it seems like December has us using custom paper nearly every day! AND, with engagement season in full swing, bride-to-be will soon be picking out wedding invitations!  Enter Paperlust!

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Paperlust is a platform that exists to connect print design lovers with work from top designers. They sell personalised stationery and custom invitation and card designs for all occasions. Every design is exclusive to Paperlust and completely customizable using our intuitive on site design tool – we love anything that is easy!

Founded in 2014 and based in Melbourne, Australia, they offer a range of premium stationery options, including real foil, raised foil, letterpress, digital print, white ink, photo cards, print on wood and vellum. They ship orders worldwide, including to the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe, offering free express shipping for orders over $300 USD. Express shipping arrives 2-4 days after dispatch from Melbourne.

Paperless has helped us to identify some of the biggest upcoming trending in wedding stationery for 2019:

  • Vellum – Vellum paper is semi-transparent and gives invitations a touch of elegance. It is perfect for layering with rich linen paper stock to create a cohesive invitation suite.

  • Hang tags – Hang tags are perfect for thank you gifts and bomboniere, carrying your stationery theme through to your wedding day and beyond. They allow you to leave a little thank you message for guests as well as add a personal touch.

  • Real foil – Add some metallic shine to your wedding invitation suite with real foil embellishments. Foil is available in a range of colours, including gold, silver, copper, brass, rose gold, plus all the standard colours like blue, red, pink etc.

  • Stickers – Stickers are trending as a way to add a little something extra to your stationery suite. They are versatile and can be used for anything from sealing your envelopes to sticking on bomboniere/wedding favours. Available in a range of different sizes, shapes and styles, wedding stickers bring personality wherever you find to put them.

Katie’s wedding vision was gathering all the people she and Mike love in one spot with the beach in the background. She achieved just that (and a whole lot of white roses!) at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. With the help of planner Ooh! Events, the couple enhanced the scenic backdrop of their celebration with striking floral structures and greenery by Out of the Garden and elegant details at the white tent reception. Photographer Perry Vaile was on hand to capture all the retrained beauty of the day in these lovely images.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

From the bride: I had always wanted a beach wedding. I love the ocean. My vision was to have all of the people we love in one spot, with the beach/ocean in the background and have it feel like a special getaway weekend where we celebrated not only our love for each other, but all of our friends and family who had helped us get to that point in our lives. I also wanted it to feel simple yet elegant while not being too stuffy. I wanted mostly greens/creams with some blush.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

Our light and airy color palette was very “us” and fit the venue and time of year beautifully. Because Charleston is so hot in the summer, we knew we could still go with a light palette even though it was technically fall. As I mentioned above, I always wanted a beach wedding. In searching for a venue I was shocked by how many hotels up and down the east coast didn’t have great venue space that incorporated the beach/ocean but weren’t actually “on” the beach. After visiting what felt like dozens of venues one of my very best friends (the gentleman that ended up walking me down the aisle) recommended I visit the Sanctuary. His cousin had been married there the year before. He sent me the link to the article/post done on her wedding and I immediately fell in love. It was exactly what I had envisioned in my mind for a venue. My mom and I traveled to The Sanctuary the following week for a day trip and decided on the spot it’s where we wanted to get married! The fact that The Sanctuary is outside Charleston was a huge bonus. Most of our guests would be coming from DC and there are tons of direct flights from CHS-DCA every day. Plus Mike and I LOVE low country food so the restaurant/food scene was perfect! The icing on the cake was The Sanctuary introducing us to Jerri at Ooh Events. I wouldn’t have wanted to plan my wedding with anyone else!

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Being surrounded by some of our favorite people in the world and having our first dance as husband and wife. Also, seeing Mike’s face as he saw me for the first time. It was a moment I will never forget!

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We were friends and colleagues for about a year and realized we kept working on things together and were almost always aligned on how we’d want to approach something and/or what outcome we thought was best for the organization. I think working together before we started dating was really nice because we already knew so much about each other.

Katie & Mike from byDesign Films on Vimeo.

Planning, Design, Coordination and Rentals: Jerri Heater of Ooh! Events // Photographer: Perry Vaile // Florist: Out of the Garden // Venue + Catering: The Sanctuary Hotel // Hair + Makeup: Paper Dolls // Tabletop Rentals: Polished Tabletop // Band: ATL Groove Factory // Ceremony + Cocktail Entertainment: Charleston Virtuosi // After party entertainment: DJ Illumination // Videographer: ByDesign Films // Tent: Snyder Event Rentals // Officiant: Doug Farmer



Who else is ready for proposal season to heat up? It seems like as soon as the temperatures dip, and the closer we get to the holiday season, the more we see new shiny rings on fingers! And with so many options out there today for rings, we thought we would partner with Clean Origin to navigate the decision making process. 

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How to navigate the 4 c’s

You’ve likely heard of the four things to look for when you’re searching for a diamond — cut, clarity, color and carat. But what exactly do all of those mean? And why are they so important to your diamond?

It’s common for people to mix up cut with the shape of the diamond. However, the cut is actually a grade of how well the diamond interacts with light, and how well the jeweler plans, maps and hand cuts the facets on each individual diamond. It’s no surprise that we all want our diamonds to shine, and how well your diamond is cut will ultimately be the deciding factor in how much sparkle you get. The cut of your diamond will be: Good, Very Good, Excellent, Ideal, or unavailable. Obviously, the better the adjective, the better the diamond cut. It’s also common that your diamond might not possess a cut at all. For some fancy-shaped diamonds, such as cushion, there is no cut grade. This is simply because there is not a grading system in place to measure the light return. If you’re interested in one of these shapes, simply talk with your jeweler about what else to look for during the purchasing process — often you’ll be looking for specific qualities in specific cuts. 

The clarity of a diamond is a bit more self explanatory. Due to the high amounts of pressure that’s used to create a diamond — either in the earth’s surface or in a lab — it’s common for these jewels to include internal characteristics called ‘inclusions’ or external characteristics called ‘blemishes’. Naturally, the fewer characteristics that the diamond has, the more expensive it becomes. When you’re searching for your diamond, the clarity will includes one or two letters and a number — SI2 for example is the lowest you would want to go on the scale if you do not want to see any visible imperfections.

Although a pink diamond might be turning in your head right now, when you hear about color in diamonds, it’s actually referring to the absence of color. The color of a diamond is graded on an alphabetical scale, starting at D and ranging all the way down to Z with D being a colorless diamond and Z being yellow. Most of the time, you’ll want to look for a diamond that is higher up on the alphabet — yellow in a diamond can actually leech the sunlight and minimize sparkle. It’s important to note that the differences from one letter to another are often minute — go with your eye, your gut and a trust jeweler. 

Finally, you’ll have to choose what carat size you want. Carat refers to the actual weight of the diamond. As you probably already know, size is a huge contributor to the price of the stone. It’s extremely important to understand some of the terminology around carat. For example, if you see “tw”, that means “total weight”. Unless marked otherwise, this could be the total of the center stone and the accent diamonds together. If you want a center stone alone that weighs a certain amount, make sure you specify! However, some small differences in carat size can be almost absent to the naked eye, but can cause a dramatic price jump. Make sure your jeweler knows your budget and is getting you the best bang for your buck in that range.

We know, we know, your head is starting to turn with all of these numbers and letters. But don’t worry, your jeweler should be able to help you with all 4 C’s, but it’s important to be educated so that no one tries to rip you off. And, always remember, this is your decision! Sometimes choosing one ‘C’ over another might be the right choice for your style or budget.  

Diamond choices
It used to be that you had very little say in where your diamond was sourced. In fact, if you walk into the average jeweler, it’s unlikely that they will be able to tell you where your diamond came from. With lab-grown diamonds, this is no longer the case. Lab-created diamonds, like the ones from Clean Origin, give you an ethical, environmentally friendly and less expensive option for diamonds. 

Not only does Clean Origins offer engagement rings, but you can also find loose diamonds, wedding bands, wedding sets, beautiful earrings and also bracelets! With over 100 ring styles available, free shipping, free resizing, a 100-day return policy, and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty – using them is a no-brainer!

Ethically sourced, environmentally friendly diamonds may be their product, but their business is making sure that the individuals purchasing and receiving those diamonds are 100% satisfied. No matter how small the detail or how many questions you have, they’ll be there to help you throughout this important decision.