I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Let’s be real, second to the amount of time we spend dreaming about the man we might eventually marry, we spend most of our time daydreaming about THE ring. We scour magazines, websites, friend’s fingers, and jewelry stores looking for that sparkle we’ll proudly don for years to come. Ritani has literally blown us away with their engagement rings. Specializing in setting the classic round cut diamond in a variety of options, and even allowing customers to do their own custom ring design. Round cut diamonds are timeless, versatile, and possess more sparkle due to their brilliant cut than other shape. Here are a few styles that especially frame them well:

The Classic Solitaire is timelessly elegant, the simplicity of this style perfectly showcases the diamond and it’s brilliance.

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Halo rings feature a center stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, offering even more dramatic sparkle to an already sparkly center stone, making any stone look bigger, and adding a vintage flair!


Bezel set rings are becoming an increasingly popular choice, as they are fashion forward and modern!


Finally, we love the Three Stone setting, representing the past, present, and future these rings make a beautiful and sentimental statement.


One of the things we really appreciate about Ritani is that all diamonds sold are certified and ethically sourced. They also allow users to customize their own engagement rings and buy online or preview in store at retail partners across the nation before they buy. Love that. Get what you really want, you’ll be rocking it the rest of your life!

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One thing that we hear time and time again is how overwhelming planning a wedding can be.  Some brides love diving into all the details, while others would rather hand those decisions off to a professional. Let’s be honest, there are a million options out there from florists, to photographers, to caterers. But some brides just don’t have the extra budget to hire someone to handle the details for them, that’s where The Party People come in!

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The Party People are full-service party planners, with one CRUCIAL difference—they are totally FREE for the client. Pretty awesome, right?!

The super cool thing is they make money the same way many other planners do—they work off of referral fees from the vendors.  Because of this, they see no reason to charge the client as well.  Therefore, their services are free!


You may be wondering how this works. First, each client gets paired with their personal Advisor (planner), who will be with them from start to finish. The client goes to the website and heads to the “Get Started” page.  There, they fill out a brief questionnaire to give a few logistics and some preliminary information.  Someone from the team will reach out to schedule their initial session with their paired planner.

Next, their Advisor will run some numbers, contact a few vendors, and all around match the client with several suitable vendors. They then send the client a “Party Proposal.”  This document has everything the client will need to research the vendor—it is 100% hyperlinked and includes everything from contact email address, to instagram accounts!


From there, it is entirely up to the client which vendor they select— The Party People’s job is to be objective, they do not care who gets selected, only that the client is happy and the integrity of their special day is being preserved.

They can be as involved or not involved as the client likes—whether brides want The Party People to plan their entire wedding, or simply suggest a few celebrants and caterers.  They can do it all!

Seems like a win win to us!

*This post is sponsored by The Party People, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

As you all well know, we’re pretty big color freaks here at Grey Likes Weddings. It’s definitely our numero-uno-style-inspiration and there’s nothing more thrilling to us than rainbow of color options (ehem! the Mrs. Box collection). So, you can imagine our excitement when Weddings In Color, a rad new book from our friends over at Chronicle Books, made it’s way into our studio. This candy-colored planning guide is packed with totally do-able DIYs, super-honest interviews with industry experts and gorgeous inspiration imagery.  The authors, two major wedding professionals, Vane Broussard of Brooklyn Bride and Minhee Cho of Paper + Cup, have covered everything you can imagine from innovative menu designs, to floral head pieces to creating a confetti bar (yay!).

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We’re especially into the color wheels that open up each color chapter. If you’re looking to pinpoint the perfect green hue as reference for your calligrapher, you’re sure to find it in one of the seventeen greens on the wheel. It’s probably somewhere between sea mist, chartreuse or pistachio. Oh, and yes, there are individual color wheels for metallics, black, white and gray. Love.



Another thing that we’re kind-of obsessed with are the achievable DIYs. In keeping with style of the modern and contemporary wedding, the DIYs are cool, graphic and basically guaranteed not to look like Pinterest fails. And let’s be serious, no matter how proud you are to have done-it-yourself, a sloppy craft project does NOT elevate your tablescape.



In an industry that been inundated with vintage-rustic, this modern take on contemporary weddings is a breath of fresh air. Weddings In Color is super comprehensive but super straightforward and will help you navigate all the essentials in creating a bright and colorful celebration.



So, this book is basically the PERFECT gift for any bride. Shower, engagement party, thanksgiving—she’s gonna love it. Or…maybe it’s your turn to get a gift?? (cue the drumroll) Yep! It’s a giveaway! We’re excited to be giving away a copy of the book + wedding notebook (as seen below).

Here’s two ways you can enter:

1. Create your own wedding inspired instagram featuring your favorite wedding color and use the hashtag #greylikesweddingsincolor and be sure to tag @greylikes

2. Comment with your wedding color on our @greylikes post about this giveaway (find the post using the hashtag #greylikesweddingsincolor).

A winner will be announced one week from the date of this post. We can’t wait to see you colorful wedding inspiration. Happy coloring!


Are you checking this post first thing in the morning? Maybe you’ve already been to yoga, finished your cappucino and responded to all your emails. If so, you’re probably already a morning person. But if you’re not a morning person, the facts are, you kinda have to become one for your wedding day. As is, hair starts at 8AM and things don;t slow down until the band plays the last song at your reception. Thankfully, the pros at Wish Wonder Dream have some tips for you on how to become an early bird. Maybe not forever… but at least you can give it a try on your big day.


Here at Grey Likes Weddings, we can spot a truly fabulous fête from miles away. What makes a wedding exceptional? Maybe it’s the cascading, oversized florals, or an epic ceremony backdrop. It could be the punchy tablescapes or a breathtakingly, radiant bride. One thing’s for sure—it’s all in the details and we’re seasoned enough stylists to know that when it comes to doling out advice on how to achieve the one-of-a-kind details we adore so much, it’s absolutely essential to defer to the professionals. Which is why we are so excited to be launching this expert video series from the wedding-planning-extraordinaires at Wish Wonder Dream. Today’s video is the first installment in a series featuring top tips and helpful planning advice from the dream team (literally). We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this exclusive, insider advice with you—from How to Get Glowing Skin on Your Big Day, to How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress, to Magazine-Worthy Dessert Display Ideas. We’re especially loving today’s video What to DIY (and what NOT to!)— because if there’s one thing we know it’s that making something look effortless actually requires a lot of effort. So take a couple minutes to soak in these tips— they’re worth their weight in gold sequins.