I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

There is such an enormous amount of energy required to make a wedding perfect in every way.  Of course there are always little hiccups and trials along the way, but all too often these are forgotten; the memories are wonderful, and the little malfunctions are later laughed at (we hope)!  We all know planning is the key to making the day go as smoothly as possible, whether you engage a wedding planner, or you and your bridal party have what it takes to account for every detail, leaving no stone unturned.

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Much of the focus is on the bride and rightly so, but the groom is also an essential ingredient and with that in mind I thought this a timely opportunity to discuss the topic of Men’s Rings.  If you are preparing for your special day and working your way through the myriad of things that must be done, your list will no doubt feature what your man needs at some point.  One of the essentials is a ring – and in today’s world rings are not just the plain gold that once all men use to wear. Below are a few things that you should consider:

  • Your Groom’s personality:Is he the traditional or conservative type or is he a little more contemporary or perhaps even flashy. Perhaps he has a unique and outrageous style – nothing mediocre for him! You see where I’m going with this.  Before anything else, the ring you choose must suit his personal style. If not, he most likely won’t feel comfortable wearing it and the wedding band is a jewellery accessory to be worn everyday so he needs to be comfortable.

  • The colour and type of metal: So once you have decided on the style that suits, target your searches to take into account whether you want it to be gold or silver or some other precious metal.  Do you want it two toned or perhaps to include some precious gem stones and what type of metal will suit with his everyday living environment. Does he spend a lot of time working with his hands?  If so, you want something scratch resistant and tough; think about a Tungsten ring – the strongest metal in the world!  Or, for a metal that is still strong but not so heavy there are some very happy grooms out there now who are wearing titanium rings. This metal is great for those who want to wear their ring effortlessly, barely noticing it due to the lightness of this durable metal.  And if that isn’t enough to choose from, how about some bold inner bands in blue or bronze with black outer band – these are stunning and will be noticed by everyone (perfect for Mr Not Mediocre!)

  • Custom designs and sizing: If you find something you really love, but you can’t get it in the size you want, try somewhere that offers custom designsand sizing.  This ensures that your ring is perfectly suited to your man and you will have the pleasure of knowing that it is uniquely his.  Allow some extra time for custom designs; they generally take a little longer than others.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality: And lastly, make sure that you buy quality, for this ring will last a lifetime!

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Planning an entertainment-filled wedding? Lucky you! Check out these insider hacks from our friends at Alive Network for getting the best on your big day: 

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Go with your heart

Your wedding entertainment should celebrate the things you both love in life, reflecting your style, personalities, tastes and experiences together, setting the tone for your day. You could choose a string quartet that perform a track from your favourite film, or a band that remind you of your first gig together.

Venue logistics

Once you’ve decided on your entertainment, check logistics with your venue. Consider the size, lineup, and volume of the band, for example. Some venues have curfews and sound restrictions, which they should make you aware of so you can plan your celebrations.

Early bird…

Book your artist early to avoid disappointment. Many live bands are booked 18-months to 2 years in advance, so get in quick to guarantee your dream day.

Added options

To get the most from your artist, check whether they offer additional extras, like daytime sets, free DJ sets between their evening party performances, or whether they’ll learn a new song specially for your spine-tingling first dance. 

Your wedding will be filled with moments you’ll cherish forever! What are some of your best tips and tricks? Let us know below!

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One of the best parts of getting married is the honeymoon – right? But sometimes trying to plan your trip becomes really challenging. LUNA MOONS to the rescue! They have taken the complexity out of the equation and put amazing tech tools in your hands, so you’re freed up to spin your fantasy into a reality and enjoy the process.

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Conjure up your CUSTOM ITINERARY using a real-time, easy-to-use planning interface that both of you can access anywhere.

Need inspiration? Luna Moons has carefully crafted UNIQUE SOJOURNS that you can use as a template or tweak to your specifications. Peruse their  FULL LIST OF HONEYMOON ITINERARIES right here!

Sounds great, right? So I’m sure you are wondering how it works!

Design an Extraordinary Trip

With INDIVIDUAL LOGINS for the traveler and his or her co-pilot, Luna empowers couples to confidently design, plan and book an extraordinary honeymoon together. The real-time, collaborative toolset lets couples work simultaneously to brainstorm, suggest ideas, and organize the itinerary they envision.

Bring Plans to Life

Couples can choose either a LUNA TRIP or build their own. The pre-built trip include day-by-day itineraries in Italy, France and Hawaii and provide suggested hotels, schedules and side trips – freeing honeymooners to simply pick the dates, pack, and go.

Together is Better

Travel planning – especially for honeymoons – is a multi-person experience, so invite your fellow travelers to help design and make decisions. With individual logins for the traveler and his or her co-pilot, Luna’s collaborative toolset lets both work simultaneously—wherever they are—to brainstorm, suggest ideas, rejigger the calendar.

Simplifying Travel Planning

The interactive travel planner allows travelers to explore together, and model the major features of their trip, including where to stay, what to do and how to get there. The planner organizes and keeps track of all travel aspects involved in planning in order to simplify the more complex decisions travelers are required to make.

Quote and Book

Once the itinerary is finished, the traveler simply clicks “BOOK NOW”. A Luna Planner double-checks the itinerary and returns it to the couple for final approval. However many reservations, Luna will manage all the details and keep track of all the payments so travelers don’t have to.

So are you ready to start planning? Head on over to LUNA MOONS today and start planning your dream honeymoon! Can we come along?

Want a daily does of travel inspiration? Connect with Luna on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Building your wedding website can be one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning for today’s modern bride. While you are registering for plates and dishes for your new home, you can simultaneously be building a beautiful home online. It’s a place to share your story, share wedding details, and can even serve as an online family scrapbook after the wedding as you build your new life together. And here’s the best part, Squarespace has this whole website thing totally dialed in. By blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering they help couples to share their stories with the world.


Let us tell you a little bit about them! Squarespace helps you build your own wedding websites, but they handle all the techy stuff that can be so gosh darn overwhelming. They have made designing so easy! You can customize based on your own style, without having to know how to actually build a website. It is so user friendly, and takes the hassle out of it. You don’t need fancy software, you don’t need to know what terms like “bandwith” mean, and there aren’t annoying storage limitations. Simply upload your content, customize your design, and you’re ready to go. The other bonus of Squarespace is that their websites also look fabulous on phones, and let’s be real, that’s how most people will be looking at your site! We love that! And if it’s NOT that easy, they have 24/7 customer service via email and live chat. Fantastic!

And now for the best part, have you heard of Zola? It’s this amazing way you create and share your wedding registry with your guests, and it is built right into your Squarespace website. Zola is the wedding registry that’ll do anything for love, where couples can register for gifts, experiences, and personalize their own funds.  Zola offers unique features such as controlled shipping, virtual exchange, and a 10% completion discount after your wedding. We are swooning over some of their serveware, Amaze! Check it out, they’ve got some amazing things to register for from over 450 brands! Can I hear an, Amen?

Alright so here’s the nitty gritty: Websites start at $12/month. Not too steep! And when you sign up for the annual plan, you’ll get a domain free for the first year! Choose from domain TLDs like .wedding or .party or .love! Domains start at $20/year and renew at the same price every year with no hidden fee. So if you choose to keep the website going after the wedding, you’re good to go!

Seriously, Squarespace takes the headache out of building a website, and allows you to create something that represents both of you and will last a lifetime! We can’t think of a better place to share engagement photos, wedding information like registries and RSVP’s, and eventually your wedding photos!

Ready to start your Squarespace website? You can try it 14-days absolutely free! When you decide to subscribe, be sure to use offer code ‘GLW‘ for 10% off your first domain or website purchase.

There are few things more exciting than trying on a wedding dress for the very first time. Finally, you’ve got a ring on your finger, a marriage in front of you, and now you get to plan the wedding. Most of us start looking for wedding dresses immediately, because let’s be real, what could be more fun? Everyone looks good in white! We have seriously been so impressed by David’s Bridal‘s exclusive lines lately, and their prices seem too good to be true! (Spoiler alert- they truly are that good!)

David’s Bridal is built on the ideal that every woman deserves to have the wedding dress of her dreams regardless of her style preference, shape, size or budget allowing her to be the best, most genuine version of herself on her wedding day! They help each bride-to-be find her perfect dress with the assistance of online planning tools, knowledgeable stylists, and expert seamstresses (making you look bomb!), all of which will guide you through your entire dress buying journey. They have a ton of bridal gown options, featuring a broad spectrum of silhouettes, lengths and styles, empowering you to find a unique look for your special day. Their spring 2017 trends are to die for, everything from chic to pink to clean, simple and modern. If you can’t wait to get to a store, you can shop online at www.davidsbridal.com.

One of the designers we’re particularly crazy about is Oleg Cassini. The gowns are opulent with clean lines and intricate details that remain true to his design legacy. Perfect for the bride who is elegant and timeless and appreciates old Hollywood glamour.

Here are a few of our favs:


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This  Cap Sleeve Lace Wedding Ball Gown with Beading is seriously stunning. It’s available in champagne, solid ivory, and solid white. And when it’s priced between $1500-1700 you can’t afford NOT to try it on!

 If you’re looking for an Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress, this dress is perfect. It is formal, it is elegant, it’s romantic. Also available in ivory and white, and priced between $1300-1550!
 Feeling flirty? This Scroll Lace Trumpet Wedding Dress will have you dancing down the aisle. It comes in ivory/champagne, white or ivory and is available with an extended train, hello dramatic! Also priced between $1300-1450!
 Feeling a more casual vibe? This High-Low Chantilly Lace Wedding Dress is perfect. It’s sexy, it is romantic, yet it is simple. And seriously you guys, it’s only $858! Insert shocked face emoticon!

 We may have saved the best for last, this Grand Lace Ball Gown with Beaded Cap Sleeves has us swooning! Priced at just under $2000 it’s available in ivory and blush, and we are blushing to try it on!
This is just a sample of some of the incredible gowns they have over at David’s Bridal. Seriously, gals, this is good.
*This post was sponsored by David’s Bridal.