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Hey ladies!! For those of you getting married in the next 2-12 months, we know you are elbows deep in wedding planning! Once you’ve picked your venue and date, but before you send out that save-the-date or invitation, we always think it is a great idea to get a wedding website up. There are a multitude of reasons for you to do so: online RSVPs, collecting mailing addresses, details about the wedding day, registry info, etc… BUT there’s also a multitude of reasons that makes this task super annoying and overwhelming: ugly templates, lack of features, and difficulty of use. So, we wanted to chat with you a little about Squarespace websites, which we actually discovered AFTER Bryan and I were married, which is a bummer, because they had everything we were looking for!

(Spoiler alert: Squarespace is offering our readers 10% off using the code GREY15), so read on!!!!

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(Images above by Nostalgic Photography, displayed at Jill and Ryan’s website!)

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(Image above by Reaux Photo, displayed at Brian and Twila’s website!)

Squarespace is an online platform that utilizes well designed, easy to use templates in order to allow you to create your own custom website! Right out of the gate, the first thing we love about Squarespace websites are the design options. You can utilize your own photos (did someone say creative engagement photo sessions???) in order to express your personality and make a super fun site. They’ve even created six new templates just for weddings, and have also teamed up with Getty images, so if you need a few filler photos, a simple flat $10 fee will get your site looking gorg, even if you aren’t a pro stylist/photography team!

I personally love that Squarespace design is so clean and simple. I desperately searched for a wedding template that used great fonts with plenty of clean white space and it just didn’t exist when I was on the hunt, so we built our site from scratch which was a total pain!

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(Images above by Chris Simons, displayed at Yeonhee-Lee’s website!)

We also love that you can personalize what you share with guests in an easy way! Galleries are a great way to share photos of your wedding planning, bridal party, and even your honeymoon! One of the other things that is always super important to have on your wedding website is your registry! I’m going to be real with you girls–it is bad form to include registry information in your invitations–it’s like ASKING for gifts. So instead, include a link to your wedding website on your invitation, where guests can go to only find out where you are registered. What’s great is how easy it is to connect your online registries through Squarespace, and you can even create a customize cash gift registry as well!

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Squarespace Product - 2


Squarespace is super easy to figure out you guys! They have quick tutorial videos to get you started, 24/7 support via live chat or email, and a free personalized domain if you buy their service for a year at only $8 per month. What a fun way for your friends to keep up with your cuteness throughout the wedding planning, honeymoon, and first year of crazy newlywed fun!

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(Images above by Chris Simons, displayed at Yeonhee-Lee’s website!)

If you use the code GREY15, you’ll even get 10% off your Squarespace site!!!!

So let’s have at it ladies! Tell us about your website woes and experiences! Have you tried out Squarespace?