I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Building your wedding website can be one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning for today’s modern bride. While you are registering for plates and dishes for your new home, you can simultaneously be building a beautiful home online. It’s a place to share your story, share wedding details, and can even serve as an online family scrapbook after the wedding as you build your new life together. And here’s the best part, Squarespace has this whole website thing totally dialed in. By blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering they help couples to share their stories with the world.


Let us tell you a little bit about them! Squarespace helps you build your own wedding websites, but they handle all the techy stuff that can be so gosh darn overwhelming. They have made designing so easy! You can customize based on your own style, without having to know how to actually build a website. It is so user friendly, and takes the hassle out of it. You don’t need fancy software, you don’t need to know what terms like “bandwith” mean, and there aren’t annoying storage limitations. Simply upload your content, customize your design, and you’re ready to go. The other bonus of Squarespace is that their websites also look fabulous on phones, and let’s be real, that’s how most people will be looking at your site! We love that! And if it’s NOT that easy, they have 24/7 customer service via email and live chat. Fantastic!

And now for the best part, have you heard of Zola? It’s this amazing way you create and share your wedding registry with your guests, and it is built right into your Squarespace website. Zola is the wedding registry that’ll do anything for love, where couples can register for gifts, experiences, and personalize their own funds.  Zola offers unique features such as controlled shipping, virtual exchange, and a 10% completion discount after your wedding. We are swooning over some of their serveware, Amaze! Check it out, they’ve got some amazing things to register for from over 450 brands! Can I hear an, Amen?

Alright so here’s the nitty gritty: Websites start at $12/month. Not too steep! And when you sign up for the annual plan, you’ll get a domain free for the first year! Choose from domain TLDs like .wedding or .party or .love! Domains start at $20/year and renew at the same price every year with no hidden fee. So if you choose to keep the website going after the wedding, you’re good to go!

Seriously, Squarespace takes the headache out of building a website, and allows you to create something that represents both of you and will last a lifetime! We can’t think of a better place to share engagement photos, wedding information like registries and RSVP’s, and eventually your wedding photos!

Ready to start your Squarespace website? You can try it 14-days absolutely free! When you decide to subscribe, be sure to use offer code ‘GLW‘ for 10% off your first domain or website purchase.