I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

The first thing I always think of when marriage and weddings comes to mind is all the fun I’ll have entertaining our friends–especially after we’ve stocked out house with wedding gifts from our registry! That said, of course, it’s always difficult to get exactly what you want, especially if you are limited to just a few stores!

To keep it simple for guests, while still giving you the chance to shop wherever your heart desires, you should definitely check out our sponsor, SimpleRegistry who offers an easy to use Wedding Registry website. When it comes to wedding registry, it makes so much sense to keep things easy and have one registry service, right? With SimpleRegistry you can add anything to your registry, giving you the freedom do redeem your gifts as cash and decide where, when and how to arrange the purchase of your gifts! And adding is easy with their handy bookmarklet that goes in your boomarks bar–much like Pinterest!!! You can also download their iPhone app, which allows you to add to your registry with their barcode scanner. Pretty amazing stuff, right???

If you are interested, you can watch their simple video intro here, see real members’ stories and registries, check out their website and get started here!

(Image above by Paul Costello)