I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Jess and Brent met through their work at Google! We’ll let the bride, Jess, tell you the rest of their story, and all about the engagement! We’re totally in love with the Carmel, California cliff overlook they chose to shoot their engagement with photographer, Jen Huang. LOVE.





From the bride, Jess:

Brent grew up in the small town in Pennsylvania and I was raised in the city of San Francisco. We were brought together through working at Google. We began as friends, and our love didn’t blossom until Brent left for business school across the country and we quickly realized how much we hated being apart! This resulted in many cross-country flights and Google Hangout sessions. Our love continued to grow as we introduced each other to new things. Brent taught me about the great outdoors, showing me how to fish and ski, and taking me camping and on whitewater rafting trips. I, on the other hand, introduced Brent to culinary adventures like uni, squid and oysters! Our mutual sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for trying new things strengthened our passion for life and each other. Brent proposed on a sunny day in December 2013 on a hike at one of our favorite trails near Palo Alto, California. We love hiking together because we always have deep, long chats about life, funny stories and the future. We had a great talk and took in the beautiful surroundings of the bay area. When we reached the peak, Brent got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

We decided to have our engagement shoot in Carmel, one of our favorite places to go and recharge. Jen was an amazing photographer and made us feel really comfortable. It was quite a physical shoot – we had to climb down hills, walk through fields of coastal succulents and run in the frigid ocean for some of the shots, but we had so much fun and we’re so thrilled to have these memories captured by Jen.






Vendors: Photography: Jen Huang // Wardrobe: Blue J.Crew Sweater, BCBG sequin skirt, White BBdakota dress, BCBG cowbow boots, Chambray Madewell shirt, H&M Cardigan, Juicy Couture Jeans; All necklaces by J.Crew