I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Liz and Wayne’s engagement session was an excursion of sorts, as the couple went to their favorite spots throughout Queenstown and Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Photographer Jen Huang captured the pair’s love of travel and adventure as they traipsed through the countryside! Can we just say, New Zealand is so dang beautiful! 






How did you meet?

Wayne and I met through mutual friends. I found him cute and witty, making remarks that were odd, perceptive and funny at the same time. I found out that he had recently moved to Singapore and had a job that required him to work US based hours. Luckily for me, my schedule consisted mostly of night shifts at the hospital that I had dreaded up until then. We were soon sharing our stories nightly into the wee hours of the morning. By the time he surprised me by asking me out to a movie several months later, he knew my preferences and even favorite actors.












How did Wayne propose?

Wayne and I were engaged on the fourth night of our trip to the Maldives. He had planned an elaborate private beach dinner overlooking the sunset. Despite how obvious this may have appeared, I didn’t suspect anything because this was the type of over-the-top hoax Wayne indulged in occasionally. The fancy dinner came and went, and I didn’t notice much other than him being somewhat more fidgety than usual. Must have been the pre-snorkel caffeine drink, I thought. On the way back to the water villa, Wayne took my hand and insisted on taking a detour, having allegedly spotted “giant migrating manta rays.” Somewhat exhausted, I followed and headed towards a secluded beach area where an incredible wedding proposal formed by candles surrounded by tropical plants awaited me. Completely shocked, I turned and looked at Wayne, who had his left knee in the sand. He later told me he thought he had lost the ring during dinner.


Vendors: Photography: Jen Huang // Location: Private Garden – Blair Gardens // Wardrobe: Holly Hoque, Singapore