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Unappreciative couples and ‘cheap’ guests have been making the news lately… literally making news. With weddings being a worldwide sensation, news outlets such as ABC News and Huffington Post have been no strangers to featuring some pretty traumatic exchanges between the newlyweds and their guests after having received a gift they were not happy with.

I’m here to offer my perspective.

You’ve got the ideal guests who have put great thought into a memorable gift or will make a generous contribution to your future as husband and wife. But there are also some guests who are not in the position to give a lavish gift, some are not particularly thoughtful and some are just plain cheap. There’s no avoiding it. However, if you are throwing a wedding to make money, please think again. This is not to say that you won’t make money, but I wouldn’t recommend expecting to make money as I would hate for you to be disappointed.

In most cases, you will know the guests you are inviting. What you don’t know is their personal situation. I urge you to pick your venue and menu according to the money you have saved, not the money you intend to make. Do not assume that everyone will cover their plate, even if they are in a financial position to do so. That way, if at the end of the day you end up sitting on a mountain of gifts/cash, you will be pleasantly surprised.

For the guests who have to rely on their creativity who have put the time and effort into a gift they truly thought you would love, try to look past the dollar value and appreciate the thought that went into it. Thoughtful gestures are a rarity these days and are sadly underrated when tainted by monetary worth.

We have extended the offer to our guests to bring a date. However, our (unwritten) rule has been: if you are invited, it’s because we want you there and regardless of your gift, it is important to have you as part of our special day. In the event you would like to bring a ‘plus one’ please make sure the cost of their plate is covered.

It’s not like we wrote that on the invitation or anything, fortunately our friends and family have been very courteous in asking if they can bring a date. In the event we don’t know their ‘plus one’ that has been our response. Overall, it seems to have been pretty well received. While we do not want to put financial burden on any of our guests, we are not in a position to offer an all-expense paid evening for strangers.

Keep in mind that the people you’re inviting have (likely) all played a role in your life. There may be a few that you have to invite, but those will surely be outnumbered by the people you want to invite. Count your blessings for the loved ones around you that have been part of your momentous occasion, and not the dollars.

Years later when you and your partner are swinging on your porch, your memories are what you will hold onto, not the gifts.

Until next time,

Lady S


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I love, love, love personal touches. I think it’s so special when the wedding reflects the couple as opposed to a cookie cutter, by-the-book wedding {not that those aren’t beautiful}. While traditional weddings will likely always be around, going the unconventional route has been trending over the last few years and I like what I’m seeing!

One of my current obsessions is the send-off. Confetti and bubbles are out and creativity is in! I’m swooning over all the different ways to salute the Bride and Groom. Before committing to your send-off of choice, make sure to confirm with your venue that they are okay with it. If you haven’t thought about your grand exit, I seriously encourage you to consider one of the ideas below.

The concept of the send-off is an ancient tradition in which guests would typically throw rice at the newly married couple. This practice is supposed to give the couple luck and has evolved into a fun and personalized way to interact with their guests. In some cases, like the balloon and lantern send-off, guests are also able to make a wish or write a note and send it off into the world. Not only is the concept SUPER CUTE, they’re great photo ops!

Look how lovely these are!


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Do you have a favorite, or perhaps another recommendation? Please share!

Until next time,

Lady S


Hello Grey Fans!

So this week I had my trial for my hair and makeup. Finding my best look was more of a challenge than I thought.

There are 5 common face shapes: heart, square, round, oval and long. I am a proud owner of an oval face! According to my ‘research’, these are the styles that are most recommended.


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The Retro Wave: Great for an oval face, not so great for a hot summer day. I love it but retro-glam just isn’t my theme.

The High Bun/Sock Bun: Really draws attention to the cheekbones, neck and collarbone which is great. I think it’s an elegant and timeless look but must match the silhouette of your dress.

Half Up-Half Down: Good for most face shapes, best for square faces. When you already look younger than your age, as I do, you may look a tad too flower girlish.

Soft Waves/Side-Do’s: Flirty, romantic and great for those with long and oval faces.


Less is more ladies! You still want to look like yourself on your wedding day. Simple and elegant is a trend you can be sure to count on for years to come. With that said, if your morning routine consists of a little bronzer and mascara, you may feel a little overdone on your wedding day. Rest assured that in order to get the natural look in photos, you will need a little more makeup to fight the flash, sun and tears.

Here is a look that I like.

natural makeup

What’s your favorite hair/makeup style?

Until next time,

Lady S


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Sock Bun

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a little bit of a control freak and are obsessing about every last detail of your wedding. I’ve advised you not to sweat the small stuff before, and I’ll do it again. It’s just not worth it. However, we all know that’s easier said than done.

With my wedding 1 month away, all the final touches and last details need to come together and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling the heat. As someone who plans weddings for others, the bar is set high and it is important that things are just right for my own, but at what cost? As important as it is to have the ‘perfect’ wedding, I’m really trying to tame my inner Bridezilla and come to terms with the fact that sometimes, things don’t go as planned. There are plenty of personalities and emotions when planning your wedding and they must be considered. It’s understandable, brides can be a little cray cray with their requests but it is their day, after all.

If you’re stressing out, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Sleep on it, explore the other alternatives and make a mental checklist of all that you have to be thankful for. If in the end you are still bothered, do something about it. If there is ever a time to have things your way, this is it! Just be mindful of the people around you as they have likely worked really hard in making sure your day is fabulous.

I encourage you to try my Anti-Bridezilla routine when you feel things aren’t going your way.

  1. Breathe
  2. Get it off your chest and call someone who will let you vent
  3. Take a bath with some relaxing music
  4. Make a list of everything you’re looking forward to
  5. Curl up in your hubby-to-be’s arms and know that nothing else truly matters than what you’re feeling in that moment

*Bonus* Wedding Stress Yoga {okay, it’s just regular yoga… but it helps!}

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Hello Grey fans!

I’m very excited to share that we booked our honeymoon this week! Booking the honeymoon has weighed heavily on my mind for the last several months as I have been avidly following the prices and searching all possible options.

We deliberated over whether we wanted adventure, romance, relaxation or sight seeing. {This is a conversation I suggest having before honeymoon shopping} Dan was keen on staying in one place and just enjoying the beach, whereas I wanted to see the world! Bali and Thailand were my top choices. I spent hours researching where we could stay, what we could see, the memories we’d make! All to find out that there was no way on earth Dan would sit through a 21 hour flight… so we were back in square one.

Wherever we went, I definitely wanted some romance since this will likely be our last trip just the two of us. And, as the wedding approaches and all the last minute details come together, relaxation quickly became a top priority. A little R & R will do us good.

Once the genre of our honeymoon was decided upon, the real research began. Our options were:

  1. A Roman Countryside vineyard
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  2. Couples retreat in Negril
  3. A culinary experience in Spain

We both agreed that since we only have one week, that wouldn’t be enough time to see Europe. We also figured that Europe can be done as a family, but it might be more than a few years until we’re able to go on a couples retreat, so Jamaica won! If you have any suggestions of what we should see or do while we’re there I would love to hear them!

Some advice when honeymoon shopping:

–          Know what you’re looking for.

–          Identify your budget ahead of time.

–          Once you have an idea of where you’d like to go, check in weekly (or twice a week) to see the fluctuation in prices. I’ve had a Monday and Thursday routine for the last 3 months, writing down the prices each time I would check so I could be aware of the most opportune time to book.

–          Many companies/agencies have a price match guarantee and will even offer to beat the price of their competitor for up to $200 per person. Call around and see how can offer you the best price.

–          Read the reviews! is key when it comes to getting up-to-date reviews from people who have done the trips and tours you’re considering.

–          Join the forums. There are often chats you can join to speak with people who have done the trip you’re planning on. Take advantage of them and ask any questions you may have.

–          Prepare to be in complete honeymoon mode once it’s booked!

Are any of you looking to book your honeymoon or have recently done so? I would love to hear where you’re going!

Until next time,

Lady S


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Roman Countryside Honeymoon

Couples Retreat Honeymoon & Couples Retreat Honeymoon

Culinary Experience Honeymoon & Culinary Experience Honeymoon