Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Hello Grey Fans!

So this week I had my trial for my hair and makeup. Finding my best look was more of a challenge than I thought.

There are 5 common face shapes: heart, square, round, oval and long. I am a proud owner of an oval face! According to my ‘research’, these are the styles that are most recommended.


The Retro Wave: Great for an oval face, not so great for a hot summer day. I love it but retro-glam just isn’t my theme.

The High Bun/Sock Bun: Really draws attention to the cheekbones, neck and collarbone which is great. I think it’s an elegant and timeless look but must match the silhouette of your dress.

Half Up-Half Down: Good for most face shapes, best for square faces. When you already look younger than your age, as I do, you may look a tad too flower girlish.

Soft Waves/Side-Do’s: Flirty, romantic and great for those with long and oval faces.


Less is more ladies! You still want to look like yourself on your wedding day. Simple and elegant is a trend you can be sure to count on for years to come. With that said, if your morning routine consists of a little bronzer and mascara, you may feel a little overdone on your wedding day. Rest assured that in order to get the natural look in photos, you will need a little more makeup to fight the flash, sun and tears.

Here is a look that I like.

natural makeup

What’s your favorite hair/makeup style?

Until next time,

Lady S


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Retro Wave

Sock Bun

Half Up-Half Down

Soft Waves