Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

I love, love, love personal touches. I think it’s so special when the wedding reflects the couple as opposed to a cookie cutter, by-the-book wedding {not that those aren’t beautiful}. While traditional weddings will likely always be around, going the unconventional route has been trending over the last few years and I like what I’m seeing!

One of my current obsessions is the send-off. Confetti and bubbles are out and creativity is in! I’m swooning over all the different ways to salute the Bride and Groom. Before committing to your send-off of choice, make sure to confirm with your venue that they are okay with it. If you haven’t thought about your grand exit, I seriously encourage you to consider one of the ideas below.

The concept of the send-off is an ancient tradition in which guests would typically throw rice at the newly married couple. This practice is supposed to give the couple luck and has evolved into a fun and personalized way to interact with their guests. In some cases, like the balloon and lantern send-off, guests are also able to make a wish or write a note and send it off into the world. Not only is the concept SUPER CUTE, they’re great photo ops!

Look how lovely these are!


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Do you have a favorite, or perhaps another recommendation? Please share!

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