Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

About the Ladies’ Society



Our motto—“Cygnus Inter Anates” (Latin for Swan Among Ducks)—is itself emblematic of our aim as creative women to stand out, like a shining beacon, amongst the throngs of the common. It’s no less significant that the swan herself is symbolic of love, grace, purity, loyalty, strength, beauty, elegance, balance, transformation, and of course, lifelong unions. May we always be reminded to strive for “Swanness” or as we might say, “ladylikeness,” whether in our office, our home, our hearts, and even our nuptials.


Our newest venture here at Grey Likes Weddings is the foundation of The Ladies Society of Matrimonial Finery—a budding social network devoted to solely to brides.  The Society is an overt nod to the tradition of manners, fine dress, and the grace and civility of true Ladyship. It’s also an acknowledgement that weddings are one of the few remaining reasons women circle together—a bride and her maids (and sometimes even a groom and his gents)—to reconnect, spend actual time together, and contribute to each others’ lives in a real and meaningful way.

When we fully launch, The Ladies’ Society goal will be to build an online community that takes the idea of a blog one step further. Our hope is that you will use our platform to recreate and deepen your community on a personal level with your own tribe and forge new paths of relationship with women that share in some aspect of your own journey. Whether you’re the bride, a huntress bridesmaid, a mother of the bride, or a long standing Mrs., may you share your stories and find beauty not only amongst the archives of our pages, but also within yourself and those that surround you.


In the past, women’s societies have fought for causes such as suffrage and the abolition of slavery and their existence is responsible for countless schools, kindergartens, museums, libraries, health clinics, lunch programs, parks, play grounds, and houses of refuge. Women—especially those in community with one another—have always played a profound and varied role in benevolence and contribution to society on both a large and small scale. Now, full-time jobs and the busy constraints of modern society have disbanded the once flourishing and vital communal opportunities women once enjoyed. The Ladies Society of Matrimonial Finery brings us together as we celebrate weddings. May it also be a cause for connection.