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Hello Grey fans!

I’m very excited to share that we booked our honeymoon this week! Booking the honeymoon has weighed heavily on my mind for the last several months as I have been avidly following the prices and searching all possible options.

We deliberated over whether we wanted adventure, romance, relaxation or sight seeing. {This is a conversation I suggest having before honeymoon shopping} Dan was keen on staying in one place and just enjoying the beach, whereas I wanted to see the world! Bali and Thailand were my top choices. I spent hours researching where we could stay, what we could see, the memories we’d make! All to find out that there was no way on earth Dan would sit through a 21 hour flight… so we were back in square one.

Wherever we went, I definitely wanted some romance since this will likely be our last trip just the two of us. And, as the wedding approaches and all the last minute details come together, relaxation quickly became a top priority. A little R & R will do us good.

Once the genre of our honeymoon was decided upon, the real research began. Our options were:

  1. A Roman Countryside vineyard
  2. Couples retreat in Negril
  3. A culinary experience in Spain

We both agreed that since we only have one week, that wouldn’t be enough time to see Europe. We also figured that Europe can be done as a family, but it might be more than a few years until we’re able to go on a couples retreat, so Jamaica won! If you have any suggestions of what we should see or do while we’re there I would love to hear them!

Some advice when honeymoon shopping:

–          Know what you’re looking for.

–          Identify your budget ahead of time.

–          Once you have an idea of where you’d like to go, check in weekly (or twice a week) to see the fluctuation in prices. I’ve had a Monday and Thursday routine for the last 3 months, writing down the prices each time I would check so I could be aware of the most opportune time to book.

–          Many companies/agencies have a price match guarantee and will even offer to beat the price of their competitor for up to $200 per person. Call around and see how can offer you the best price.

–          Read the reviews! is key when it comes to getting up-to-date reviews from people who have done the trips and tours you’re considering.

–          Join the forums. There are often chats you can join to speak with people who have done the trip you’re planning on. Take advantage of them and ask any questions you may have.

–          Prepare to be in complete honeymoon mode once it’s booked!

Are any of you looking to book your honeymoon or have recently done so? I would love to hear where you’re going!

Until next time,

Lady S


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