I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

For those of you planning a wedding for this fall and summer, now is the time to start thinking registry!!! Our newest sponsor, Cuisinart, has some really fab multi-use products that make it much easier to cook at home and entertain friends (which is really what I’m all about)!

My favorite idea, of course, is a grilled cheese party for friends! With the Cuisinart Griddlers®, invite a group over, have out bread, plenty of cheeses, and super fun toppings to mix-and-match for gourmet sandwiches. Make it even more fun and compete to see who makes the favorite version! Some fun ideas? Artichokes, sun dried tomatoes with jalapeno cheese, or pears, brie cheese, and arugula. The Griddler®  also has a set of reversible plates that snap in and out turn into a Contact Grill, a Panini Press, a Full Grill, a Full Griddle, or Half Grill/Half Griddle–so bacon and eggs, or burgers, or pancakes–all doable on this guy! You can see more fun recipes here, here, and here.


We also love the food processor for fun dips and appetizer nights!


For baking, the Cuisinart mixer is another tool that you’ll be shocked at both how easy it is to pull out and use, and how often you find yourself using it!