I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

So ladies, it’s time for you to chime in. I must know: Are or did you do a first look? I already know what every photographer is going to say–do a first look! It gives us more time! (Or am I wrong, photographer friends?) But I want to know what you brides have to say on the issue. Why did you make the decision? Were you happy with your decision? Did you have butterflies and get all weepy? I need the full run down. I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to do a first look at our wedding. At first, I was totally sold. Doing it. (Duh, I’m a wedding blogger–photos are my number one priority!). But there’s really nothing that can replace that moment of getting to see Bryan from afar and walking down the aisle toward him. There’s all sorts of other reasons pulling me in both directions, so it’s your turn to give me advice!

(By the way…what’s with this whole have the groom with his back turned while you walk toward him and not opening his eyes until you are close to his face? I’m kind of a girl that likes anticipation. I like the idea of my guy WATCHING me walk toward him. Guys like that sort of thing don’t they? If I did do a first look, I’ll tell you what. Bryan would watch me walk toward him. No doubt. Am I the only crazy person that thinks that?)

While you’re mulling over your answers, take a look at what Stephanie and Ali decided to do in order to solve the problem. They didn’t want Ali to see the dress before the big day, so this gorgeous couple decided to do a day before bridal session in a different dress. And by different, of course we mean dramatic, spectacular, and black. Another reason to go shopping? Can’t say I wouldn’t mind. This session shot by Gideon Photography at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is so unexpected and chic! We love it!