I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Over the past year, we’ve collected and featured some of the loveliest and most creative weddings around. Grey’s Greatest, our newest column, will highlight our standouts that you must see if you already haven’t, or revisit if you already have. If you are planning a happy yellow wedding, then get your pinning fingers ready.

First up is this preppy nautical wedding shot by Kristin Spencer. Head over to the post immediately in order to check out the “Yay” flags which were handed out to guests. Brills.

Next up is this feminine southern style Virginia wedding with a playful mix of feminine touches and rustic roots all shot by Katelyn James.

One of our ALL TIME favorite weddings, this couple had an outdoor picnic reception complete with a giant cake-shaped pinata. You must check out the glowing bride who is captured swinging a bat in an absolutely elegant fashion. Shot by Sophie of Mike Larson Inc.

This sweet couple hosted a carefree wedding that just oozed handmade love. Shot by Our Labor of Love Photography.

Geek is soooooo chic. We could not get enough of this darling couple and their yellow wedding shot by Kurt Boomer Photo.

This summery yellow wedding featured classic elegant touches, with one of our favorite little details: “I Do” flags on their straws. Sometimes, it’s the little things. Shot by Avery House Photography.

One of our all-time most clicked on posts is this yellow wedding with giant balloon centerpieces. Oh the romance of it all–those white clouds just floating around the reception as if they were dressed up guests. Shot by Ellie Grover.

One of the chicest veils on the happiest looking bride! (That veil is by Delphine Manivet just in case you were wondering. You were, weren’t you?) We adore this incredibly fun wedding shot by AmyPunky Photography.

This wedding is so California chic–and rightly so–the bride is Morgan, an alumni of MTV’s Laguna Beach. Shot by Jill Thomas.

This modern yellow wedding took place in Palm Springs and featured a bride in a short little dress. We love a gal with a little spunk! Shot by Amanda Rae.

Be sure to click on the links to check out all the yellow goodies! And let us know if there are other topics for Grey’s Greatest that you’d like us to cover!