I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Haley and Seth planned a fall wedding that combined her talents as a graphic designer with their desire to make everyone feel like “home” at their wedding. As these celebrations are often times a family reunion of sorts, they embraced the occasion to bring their loved ones together for plenty of candid photos on the lawn, custom cocktails, yard games, and a night full of dancing! Photographer, Brett Heidebrecht, who we love love love love, shot all of these gorgeous images and we are so honored to share them with you, along with the full story of Haley and Seth! (Pssst…did you know we featured Haley and Seth’s engagement too? It’s beyond. Seriously.)








Tell us how you met:

Haley & Seth’s paths crossed on the soccer field (an apt place if you know them both). Their mutual friend Stephanie invited Seth to come out and play on a Dallas social sports league co-ed soccer team. Haley and Seth started to talk at one of the games and realized MANY common denominators, most of them coming from growing up in Edmond and all of their Oklahoma friends connections. They were lucky in that their Dallas social group was a massive collection of people that was continually evolving and expanding. Most weeks, they could count on at least one if not several group “funtivities” going on. One of these was an outdoor Coldplay concert, where they first really talked beyond the soccer field and got to know each other. They continued to stay friends, play soccer as teammates on “Kiss My Arsenal” on Monday nights, and see each other at the group activities.

FINALLY, Seth asked Haley out after a long and rambling late night friend conversation. Their first date was at The Libertine Pub in Dallas and consisted of snacketizers, beverages, and 3 hours of fun (okay maybe some awkward pauses), non-stop conversation. This evolved into more dates, group hangouts, river float trips, concerts, film festivals, movie nights, and just complete enjoyment sharing life with the other. The rest, as they say…is history!

How did you become engaged?

Seth and I were in New Jersey for his cousin’s wedding that weekend. Sunday morning Seth, his parents, and I headed over to NYC to do some exploring and see our friend Laura for a few hours. Little did I know, Laura and Seth had been scheming (along with our friends, Erica and Stu) for weeks trying to plot the best spot for him to pop the question in NYC while we were there. Long story short – Laura was hiding in Central Park documenting our adventure through the park (this includes Seth changing the plans and me getting irritated… then after the fact, me feeling quite bad for getting irritated, haha). Seth finally got up the nerve and popped the question on this pretty wooden bridge in Central Park. It was incredibly sweet, funny, and so Seth.






We want to hear about your wedding day!

Our wedding day was pretty magical and just how I pictured it being. A crisp, sunny, Fall day with friends and family scattered outside visiting, hugging, taking photos, drinking cocktails, playing yard games, and dancing. I almost just wanted to be a fly on the wall so I could really just watch everyone else enjoy this special reunion. It made me feel overly blessed.

There were so many details that I loved. We really wanted everyone to feel at home and comfortable, so we wanted to keep everything very warm and natural. There was a lot of wood, lace, gold, greenery, deep oxblood, soft lighting, and our flowers were some of the most unique ones I have ever seen. I feel like I can say that because I didn’t pick them out or have a specific bouquet or centerpiece in mind, but basically put my trust into the incredibly talented Katie Huskerson at Birdie to really do what she thought would represent us best. I was completely blown away.

Since I’m a graphic designer I really wanted to have personal design touches, that being the bar signs, the big painted itinerary, and our invitations. I loved being able to be crafty again and use my hands. It was nice to see those things scattered around the venue. Dana Scott, my wedding planner and coordinator was a huge help and is also very creative. She styled the venue so perfectly. Being able to put trust in people is very liberating but also scary – I felt so blessed that our “dream team” made it all come together for us.



What is your most vivid memory from the day?

I’ll start this one with the beginning of the day. I was at my sisters house with all my girlfriends and mom getting ready and it was time to put my dress on. So, I’m putting it on and I look over and I see all of my girls in their flannel shirts and leggings all scrunched in the doorway watching this moment I’m having with my mom, sister, and baby niece. That was the first time I got really teary. For me it wasn’t that I was putting on my dress, but it was just that I felt so loved in that moment and I cherish every one of them so much and was just so thankful to have them there with me. (Still gives me lump in my throat!)

The next vivid memory was when Seth and I were getting ready to be announced into the reception as Mr. and Mrs. Seth Scherm. I picked the song “Take Back the Night” by Mr. Justin Timberlake to walk in to because, well… its Justin Timberlake and I knew it would give everyone a little hop in their step! Hand in hand, we turned the corner to enter the barn and it was a full on tunnel of love, smiles, and loud cheering – I honestly don’t know how I didn’t burst into tears. Pure joy.





Which vendors helped make the dream happen?

Holy cow. We had the dream team. I know everyone probably says that but I just felt so taken care of and so heard throughout it all. I’m so thankful for Dana at Archive Events for everything. I can’t even write it all out because she did too much. She was the person I would call when I knew no one else would REALLY care about random things or thoughts throughout the process and she answered with so much support and wisdom. From beginning to end, Dana was there for everything – she put me at ease and that was always so comforting.

I also got VERY lucky when my sister married a photographer. Not just a photographer, but an insanely talented one at that! Brett Heidebrecht was made for this kind of thing – you can see it within every photograph. I really wanted our photographs to be beautifully natural and not overly processed or photoshopped and that’s why I love Brett’s work. He gives you photographs that actually look like what you remember your day being like. To make a photograph look very professional yet still very real and hardly touched is hard to do, so I always have to rave about him!

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Birdie smashed it. I already mentioned a bit above about them, but I will go on. Immediately when we got engaged I already knew I was going to use Birdie as our florist. I’ve seen their work at other weddings and I just knew I had to have them. I met with Katie and basically just told her that I didn’t want any of my flowers to look like I showed her a photo of a bouquet or an idea on pinterest, but to try and create something we hadn’t really seen a lot. I wanted something different – something she hadn’t done before and I wanted her to come up with it. She started naming all these flowers and I was like – yes, yes, yes, I have no idea what that is but that sounds good – let’s do it! They delivered the bouquets to the church and I yelped a few times. I was blown away. I couldn’t wait to get the reception to see the rest.

Rhonda and Colleen at The Red Barn on Waldo’s Pond were wonderful. When I first heard about their barn I went out there and it was totally gutted and being transformed into a working venue. Not everyone saw the vision of what the finished barn would look like – but I just knew that it would turn out to be beautiful. I just had to have it for us.

There were so many other wonderful vendors that helped us have a memorable day. Matt Vaughen at Beat Boss Entertainment put on one heck of a party for us in the barn – lots of dancing, glow sticks and lights. The Mills Band played an acoustic set for us outside in the paddock during cocktail hour – incredible! IES lighting hung up some beautiful bistro lighting around the venue so that everything was glowing and magical. We rented some gorgeous farm tables from Kahoy Studios that were just perfect for our outdoor setting. Local Eatery provided a divine slider bar and some yummy cocktails! Michelle at Michelle’s Cakes baked and decorated the most beautifully delicious cakes. And lastly, I have to thank the two girls who did my makeup and hair, Sandy at The Social Club for my hair-do and my friend Kristyn Ersteniuk for doing my makeup.

Vendors: Photography: Brett Heidebrecht // Reception Venue: Red Barn on Waldo’s Pond // Planner/Designer: Archive Events // Floral Designer: Birdie // DJ: Beat Boss Entertainment // Hair: Social Club // Cakes: Michelle’s Cakes // MUA: Kristyn Ersteniuk // Table Rentals: Kahoy Studios // Cocktail Band: The Mills Band // Lighting: IES