I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Today, we are super excited to share with you a new Grey Collective member, Carey MacArthur! Her work is gorgeous and we think it speaks for itself, but we’re also going to let her tell you a little about herself, whilst you peruse some of our favorite selections from her work!


“A wedding day represents a rare and courageous event where two people choose to stand in front of all those they hold most dear and declare their love for one another. A wedding day deserves to be documented beautifully, as a sacred testament to love and life; recorded with the same care and compassion that the two people have for one another.”




“My images are a blend of formal photographic training, an intrinsic interest in storytelling through photography and a love for classical, painterly compositions, that speak not only to the details of the event, but to the sentiment woven throughout the day. I compose minimally orchestrated images that articulate the occasion with unobtrusive simplicity, while capturing the gravity of the moments and the larger meanings they represent. I feel the best pictures are achieved through making a genuine connection with my subjects and by being fully engaged in the magnitude of the day.”


“It’s a privilege and honor to act as a visual scribe and witness to the endlessly unique and intimate moments of love and joy.”