I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Okay darlings! We are headed into engagement season, so we are all about the bling lately! We are always on the hunt for fresh approaches to engagement rings and we’ve recently discovered that our newest sponsor, JR Dunn offers a huge variety of refreshing designs that are incredibly unique while still iconic! JR Dunn offers the Tacori halo, which I love–beyond classic but have you ever seen a halo like that? I’m also obsessed with color (as you know) so I definitely was tempted by the idea of the art deco look with sapphires for my engagement stones. (Kate and I are kindred spirits). And then of course there are other options like a black diamond ring.

So we’d love to know–if you were going to pick a unique ring, would you choose a creative design or color to help you stand out? Or would you just do a full custom design? What we love is that if you go to JR Dunn, they have all of these options.