I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Darlings, are you as obsessed with vintage engagement rings as we are? If you are a fiance-to-be, (or on the hunt for a right hand ring–let’s be real–who doesn’t want one?) then you must check out our newest sponsor, Trumpet and Horn. Their rings are oh so lovely and shout personality. Trumpet & Horn is a carefully curated collection of vintage engagement rings and antique jewelry for the modern, one-of-a-kind woman. Vintage meets modern, darlings. Every piece in the Trumpet & Horn collection has a unique, never-ending story. By passing on vintage jewelry to new owners, Trumpet & Horn helps contribute to the richness of the story by adding your chapter.

When Bryan and I first started looking for rings, I knew I wanted something vintage. While we didn’t end up finding the perfect fit, I wish I had known about Trumpet and Horn–I’m still a little sad every time I see one of these beauties–the are so beyond unique! These are the kind of rings you’d plan your entire wedding around, so we’ve done that just for you. Why not match your cocktails to your ring? Or your bouquet? The possibilities are endless!


Victorian Coral and Diamond paired with Spicy Grapefruit Margarita!


Coral and diamond paired with cookie favors shot by Closer to Love Photography.


Raleigh emerald and diamond ring paired with a bridesmaid in green sequins, perhaps?


Georgetown Edwardian sapphire and diamond ring paired with matching cakes!


Victorian inspired Tiara ring paired with this Portobello Jewelry Grecian Headpiece seen here.


Myrtle Beach 1940’s diamond ring paired with a tabletop by Charleston Event.


Edwardian Burma Ruby Ring paired with a summer bouquet!


Amethyst and Enamel ring paired with lavender and red invites.


Richfield sapphire and diamond Edwardian ring paired with navy bridesmaids shot by Brett Heidebrecht.

A few extra details about Trumpet and Horn that are worth knowing:

1. All of their vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!
2. They specialize in engagement rings, but carry a selection of rare fine jewelry as well. Some very rare pieces date back to the mid 1800’s while others are considered Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, Retro, and Modern.
3. They offer FREE overnight shipping both ways and complimentary ring sizing on every purchase (also with free shipping both ways). They want purchasing a ring to be as easy and risk-free as possible.
4. Their gemologist concierge (Jen) is available by phone or e-mail Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM PST to help you find that perfect ring.
5. They offer “Surprise Me” rings – vintage inspired knot rings in silver, gold, or oxidized silver that hold the place of the “real” ring for the proposal. This ensures the proposal is a surprise, and she gets to pick out the real ring. They even offer an exchange program for the “surprise me” rings – if she doesn’t want to keep it, it can be exchanged for a credit towards the real ring from T&H.
6. Their vintage rings are all in good-excellent condition and have been inspected by certified gemologists. Each diamond ring comes with a certification from an independent laboratory and a guarantee. They have beautiful, unique rings at all price points, ranging from $500 – $35,000+.
7. They “release” new rings through an e-mail newsletter every Tuesday at 8AM PST. Anyone who wants a first look at their new inventory should sign up for their mailing list to receive these e-mails.