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You guys may remember the Swan House Gardens from one of our all-time favorite styled shoots. Well, it’s quickly becoming our favorite must-see Atlanta location and we were thrilled when Carla Gates Photography sent in these gorgeous images from Rachel and Michael’s engagement shoot. Her fine-art film photography perfectly captures the adorable couple and the incredible location. Enjoy!!

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How/where did you meet?

We met on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. We were both out on a limb and taking a chance with the online dating world, and we found each other very quickly!! We talked for about a week before actually meeting in person. We both definitely knew it was going to be something special before we even met in person, and we were right! I know it’s cliche, and I used to always roll my eyes at people who said this, but we just “knew”!


Where/what was your first date?

Our first date was out to a Mexican restaurant because I had mentioned to Mike how much I love queso. It was completely perfect, and the best start I could have imagined to our relationship. After we ate, we talked for hours then decided to see each other again the next day. The rest is history!


Tell me the engagement story – details! Where was it?

Early in 2015 we started talking about getting married. We started looking at rings, talking about locations, and everything that comes along with that. We started designing my ring and getting more and more serious about everything by May, so I knew something would happen soon. In July we went on vacation to Italy with Mike’s family, which was amazing! We were staying in Tuscany and taking a lot of day trips to different cities around Italy. We were having the best time traveling together, seeing new things, and spending time with his family. Leading up to the trip, I wondered if he was going to propose while we were there, but once a few days went by I wasn’t really thinking about it anymore. About half way through the trip we were coming home from a day trip to some wineries. It started pouring down rain and hailing, so we were stuck inside for a little while. But once it finally started to stop we decided to go for a walk. We were staying on a working organic olive farm, so behind the house there was a beautiful hill full of olive trees. He asked his mom to come along and take pictures of us because it was so beautiful after the rain. His mom took some pictures, and we kept walking around, but then he started talking about how much I meant to him. At this point, I definitely knew something special was going to happen. After saying a few more very sweet things, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes, and his mom was there to capture every moment of it. She took some amazing pictures before, during, and after, and I’m so glad that we have those. The rest of our Italy trip was even more blissful, and I’m so thankful we have those memories!


What excites you? Makes your heart come alive?

All the small things make a big difference to me. When he shows concern because I tripped over the rug, or sends me funny texts throughout the day, or makes me hot chocolate; he may not necessarily realize those things are showing me how much he cares, but I notice them. I think if you can see love and care in the small things, then you know someone truly loves you. He gets excited when I save him money!!  But what really matters most to him is knowing that I love him and care for him unconditionally.


Photography: Carla Gates Photography // Venue: Swan House Gardens at Atlanta History Center // Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab // Sweater & Necklace: J. Crew // Shoes: Sam Edelman Nordstrom // Skirt: http://www.space46boutique.com/ // Suit: Joseph A Bank


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Lianne and Nick’s urban engagement shoot all over the streets of Hoboken has us super inspired. First—we obviously need to discuss THAT SKIRT! It’s got our vote as the single best wardrobe choice in the history of engagement sessions. Seriously though, the adorable couple’s fab style choices paired with Emily Delamater Photography‘s varied and architecturally-inspired location selections, the shoot is basically flawless. You’re going to love it!

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We wanted what we wore for our engagement session to not only reflect our personal style but also compliment the Hoboken/NYC backdrop. I knew right off the bat that I didn’t want to wear a white dress. I’ll wear one of those for the wedding. About a month before the session I found this fabulous bright red midi skirt at Zara. It was a fun pop of color in a classic silhouette and would photograph really well. We didn’t want to look too formal or stuffy (not our style) so I paired the skirt with a simple black and white striped tee (H&M). The shell pink heels (Banana Republic) were an impulse addition to my outfit. I loved the soft feminine contrast to the bright red. And everyone’s legs look better in a stiletto.

Nick kindly went classic neutral. Nothing was going to compete with that red skirt. His pants and navy suit jacket are J Crew. His shoes are Cole Haan. His white button down is Banana Republic.


Although you can’t beat Manhattan as a photoshoot backdrop, we really wanted to do our engagement session in Hoboken. Just across the Hudson, Hoboken has been our home for the past 5 years. It’s where we met, fell in love, moved in together and got engaged. Our whole life is here. So it was really special to run all over town taking photos. We started down by the river, had fun in the train station and uptown in front of all the beautiful brownstones.


We ended the day going back to the bar where we first met to take the last few photos.The bar has recently been renovated into a much more polished version of its former dive bar self. But we took a picture at a table where we were standing when we first met. Super cheesy, but we’re really cheesy.


We were introduced through a mutual friend in January 2012. Nick reached out under the guise of being new to town and looking to meet people in Hoboken. I thought he was really cute and didn’t look like a serial killer so we made plans to meet up at a local dive bar on Mardi Gras. We both brought friends, of course, in case it didn’t work out. There was a fish bowl (or two), crawfish, and a great 80’s cover band. We hit it off and he asked me on a real first date for later that week. We went ice skating in Rockefeller Center; something neither of us had ever done before, or since actually. It was super cheesy and magical. We’ve been together ever since.


Fast forward three years…We’d talked seriously about getting engaged. Nick made a big deal about planning a special surprise to celebrate our dating anniversary, something we’d never made a big deal about. I thought I smelled a proposal, but didn’t want to bet on anything. As a complete Type-A, Nick thought of everything. Two friends of mine asked if I wanted to have a girls night Friday, which very specifically included manicures. I woke up Saturday to a delicious breakfast in bed. We went to the Met, my favorite museum, where Nick had arranged a private tour. (All of the pieces on the tour were even themed, around love and marriage of course). At that point I thought if this day wasn’t leading to a proposal he was an idiot. When we got back to our apartment, there were flowers and candles. And then there was a beautiful ring. I don’t remember exactly what he said other than the really important question, but it was a moment I’ll never forget.

There was hugging and lots of crying on my end. I called my parents in NH and my sister in LA to tell them the news. Then Nick dragged me out the door to make the dinner reservations he’d made at a restaurant in Hoboken. The final surprise was when we walked into the restaurant I was shocked to see that my parents weren’t actually in NH and my sister wasn’t home in LA, they were all there with Nick’s family and our best friends who’d all come to celebrate with us. More crying on my end. It was so special to share that day with the people who love us most. We’ll never forget it!

We’re planning a Labor Day Weekend wedding in my hometown of Bedford, NH.

Photography: Emily Delamater Photography // Red Skirt: Zara // Striped T shirt – H&M // Shell Pink Heels: Banana Rebublic // Nick’s Pants and Suit Jacket: J Crew // Nick’s Shoes: Cole Haan


We are super excited to bring you this ethereal boudoir inspiration shoot from the wonderful Tamara Gruner Photography. We’re loving the incredible florals by Siloh Floral and gorgeous lingerie from Veronica Sheaffer Intimates and the historic location at Cherokee Ranch & Castle. The effect is elegant and beautiful and the perfect boudoir inspiration for any classic bride. Enjoy!

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“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” – A quote by Roman Payne from The Wanderess.


From the photographer: There is something enchanting and mesmerizing about the natural beauty of a woman. Femininity is freedom, strength, grace, passion, and depth. That’s exactly the type of richness I wanted to capture through this color palette. Deep and saturated tones of black, charcoal, and plum coupled with the soft and light peach, cream, and lavender express the complexity of everything that is feminine. A beauty of a woman is something that is profound and that should be celebrated. I love how these images are able to express both the gentleness and lightness of a woman’s features and curves mixed with the depth and richness of her soul.


Photography: Tamara Gruner Photography // Lingerie: Veronica Sheaffer Intimates // Floral Design & Styling: Siloh Floral // Venue: Cherokee Ranch & Castle  // Scans: Richard Photo Lab // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Calligraphy: Designsgirl // Ring: Swarovski // Ring Box: The Mrs Box // Silk & Ribbon: Silk and Willow // Headpieces: Irene Lily // White Gemstone: Pottery Barn // Hair & Makeup: Liz Wegrzyn // Model Agency: Wilhelmina Denver // Female Model: Sarah C.


Vivian and Chris’ engagement shoot is like cotton candy in the desert. Sposto Photography‘s signature fine-art style captures the lighthearted mood of the couple as well as the gorgeous scenery. We’re also loving the wardrobe—Vivian’s pink frocks were on point. Note to all brides: petal pink photographs beautifully in the desert. We know you’re going to love these shots!

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We met about 10 years ago while working retail part-time during college. We both weren’t interested at first, but then a couple years later, after getting to know each other more, something sparked! Six years later, Chris had planned a day of errands for the both of us to do. I love surprises, or more like the idea of surprises. I always tell Chris that he’ll never be able to surprise me, mainly because I always ruin them by being overly curious. I’ve always joked with him that I’ll know when the day comes. Little did I know, that ordinary Saturday would be one of the best days of my life. We came back to a yard beautifully lit and decorated with fairy lights (my favorite!). As soon as we turned the corner of the yard, there was a table with flowers and candles. Right then and there, my eyes were filled with tears of excitement. Shocked from the surprise, he held my hands and said something I honestly can’t remember as I was overwhelmed with emotion, but I am very sure they were sweet and thoughtful. The next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, presenting me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. We fell in love and now we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Photography: Sposto Photography


Newly engaged Ashley and Steven are both from Italian families, so what better way to celebrate than with an Italian themed engagement party? Perfectly set against a backdrop of gorgeous cypress trees in the groom’s parent’s backyard, the party featured relaxed decor and florals by MINT Design, handmade olive oils, lots of wine and family style tables. We’re totally inspired by all the sweet and simple details (lovely inspiration for a laid-back wedding too!) and, of course, the beautiful photos by Mariel Hannah.

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Steven and I got engaged the day before our 3 year anniversary. He proposed at the winery where we went on our first unofficial date, Baileyana. I was taken completely by surprise even though he almost blew it by texting me pictures of my ring about a week prior. He made up a story when I asked about it and I believed it. Lucky for him, I’m gullible.


We were so excited to celebrate with our family and friends. Both of us being Italian and with wine being a big part of our dating and engagement lives, it was only natural for our engagement party to be Italian themed. Our party was held in Steven’s parents back yard against the tall cypress trees.


We picked a neutral color scheme of creams, golds, and natural greenery. We set up little vignettes around the yard to keep the eye flowing calmly and peacefully with elements such as a wine table, appetizer table (complete with homemade infused olive oils) and photo wall.


Surrounded by our families and close friends (about 60 people) we enjoyed the night and celebrated our love!

Photography by: Mariel Hannah // Decor and Florals by: Lotta Rodriguez, MINT Design  // Invitations by: Matinae Design // Ashley’s Outfit: Morning Lavender  // Ring: Wickersham Jewelers // Rentals: Walker Lewis Rents