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Happiest New Year! As you settle into 2015, we thought it would be fun to bring you Phil and Brittany’s New Year Newlywed photography session shot Kayla Coleman Photography. We absolutely adore the cozy real life feeling of these images, and think this is such a wonderful time in your life to document your start! Here’s to new beginnings, darlings!

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How the couple met:

Brittany & Phil met through Phil’s younger sister/Brittany’s best friend. Brittany and his sister had become good friends the first few weeks of college. Numerous meetings over four years lead to nothing more than minimal friendship between the two. Fast forward a few years where they were reunited when a big group of mutual friends ended up at dinner together. Brittany and Phil sat across the table from each other and after a few hours of witty banter they were both infatuated. Against all logic, the two started a relationship which endured one year of long distance and two years of living together before finally sealing the deal.


The proposal:

They were vacationing in Northern Michigan which was one of their absolute favorite places to go together. They had rented a house with Brittany’s whole family and one of the days Phil kept pestering Brittany to go out on the boat with him to go fishing. After he told her to take her baseball hat off and put on a skirt, Brittany was definitely skeptical about said “fishing trip”. When they pulled the boat out of the channel and into Lake Michigan the water became extremely rough. Brittany was becoming more and more weary of this fishing trip but when Phil put on one of their favorite songs and came stumbling over to her, he knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry her– in 4 foot waves no less! She of course said yes and the two celebrated with champagne while watching wind surfers, and calling family and friends. When they returned to the house her family was waiting with a celebratory engagement dinner and more champagne. One of their favorite vacation spots quickly turned into a very special place for them and later became the place they said “I do”.


Vendor: Photography: Kayla Coleman Photography

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Merry Christmas Eve!!!! We could not be more thrilled to celebrate the holiday this year! Our hope is that your homes and hearts are bursting with love! We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share this Christmas proposal styled AND shot by Theresa Furey with florals by Great British Florist. We’re also loving the super darling The Mrs Box cameo!

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Vendors: Photography and Styling: Theresa Furey  // Florals: Great British Florist // MUA: Naomi Emmanuelle // Velvet Ring Boxes: The Mrs Box // Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments with Feathers: Rowen & Wren // Christmas Ornaments, Lantern, Fur Blanket, Hot Chocolate: Home Sense // Green Glass Ornaments, wool socks, cinnamon sticks and soaps: Bailey’s // Calligraphy: Chiara or Lamplighter London // White enamel mugs: Ebay, Frenchmanscreek // Location: Leigh Sinton Tree Farm // Film and processing: Fuji 400H and Portra 800 UK Film Lab

We won’t even interrupt any further than to introduce you to Alex, the lovely bride, and her fiance Evan, who are the cutest ever. Here’s their love story, and gorgeous engagement photos by Ashley Caroline Photography.

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Alex tells us:

“It all began with an innocent poke on Facebook during Christmas break of our freshman year at Wake Forest. I was scrolling through ‘the book’ when I stumbled upon the image of a handsome boy with dreamy blue eyes and shaggy brown hair, showing off his boyish figure in a fitted white t-shirt. In a moment of uncharacteristic confidence, I mustered up the courage to give him a little ‘poke’ – a hello of sorts, as we had been living in the same dorm for a semester and had never met. Lucky for me he took the bait…and the rest is history!


“Fast forward five years later, I made the big move from New York to Atlanta where Evan and I purchased our first home as a couple. We had been living together for nearly two years when he popped the question on a brisk day in February. We were headed to Piedmont Park to meet our friends for drinks and an early dinner. It was an unusually cold day for Hotlanta (even in February) and we were all bundled up with our arms linked as we leisurely walked along the path leading to the restaurant. As we approached the nearby pond, Evan veered off the trail and commented on how pretty the city skyline was. I distinctly remember the beauty of the dismal gray sky as the sun’s rays tried to break through the clouds, creating a silver living. In what I thought was an attempt to keep me warm, Evan gently held my face and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was followed by several sweet sentences that I won’t pretend to remember because all focus went out the window as he quickly dropped to one knee. He was positioned with the open box and followed up with, ‘so is that a yes?’ In my excitement and complete shock, I had neglected to answer the most important question of my life! Of course it was a resounding ‘yes!’ As we embraced, a figure off to my right caught my eye. It was our friend and roommate at the time, Justin, and he had captured the entire proposal on camera. As a lover of photographs and all things candid, Evan knew that this was a must! We opened a bottle of bubbly and drank our champagne in between smiles and giddy kisses.


“Our purple fingers and red noses indicated that it was time to head home, which is when I realized that our original ‘dinner’ plans were a ploy to get me out of house. Upon our arrival back home, we were welcomed by a romantic candlelit dinner with my favorite menu items. Having an intimate moment in the comfort of our own home allowed us to share the exciting news with loved ones with no outside distractions. Little did I know, Evan had flown up to New York several weeks earlier to meet with my parents and ask for their blessing. He is quite the romantic and a true southern gentleman at heart. Needless to say, I was impressed with his ability to pull off such an elaborate surprise without a hitch. The surprises continued after dinner when Evan told me to pack my bags because we were headed to Florida for the weekend. He had already called in a favor with my boss and requested the day off on my behalf. Our weekend getaway was the most perfect ending to the most perfect proposal and the best way to kick off the rest of our lives together.”


Vendors: Photography: Ashley Caroline Photography // Stylist:  Allie O’Connor of Little Red’s Well // Makeup: NY Artistry // Glasses: Anthropologie // Venue: Keeler Tavern

Erin and Pete enlisted Jordan Brittley to capture an incredibly romantic 10 year anniversary portrait session for them. Their story, the experience, and the images speak for themselves, so prep yourselves. You are going to love.

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The first 10 years of our marriage was filled with a lot of “other” separations due to Navy schedules and deployments, sickness, several moves, and a lot of ‘other’ things that took attention away from ‘US’. So for our 10th anniversary, it was time to focus on and celebrate us. It was time to make us the priority again and eliminate the distractions.

Also, since I’m a photographer, it was almost embarrassing when I realized the only times we have had real portrait sessions done was for our wedding and again for Christmas before our 2nd anniversary the following January. It was time to start practicing what I preached.

Our fave memory of the day was during the video part in the end. We had just read the letters to each other and then danced to the first dance song from our wedding, which had been written just for us by a friend. I really believe something supernatural took place in those moments as my heart was flooded with an even deeper love for my husband as we danced.

I have always known that photographs were important from the standpoint of ‘life preservation’. This is the only time we will be living in this current moment and memories fade over time. Images solidify the memories. However I completely underestimated the power of the actual session time itself. It truly was time for Pete and I to just be us and forget about everything else. We connected in a way that we haven’t in a long time and our relationship has been on a new level ever since! It is sooo worth it to invest in yourselves!


Erin & Pete – 10 Year Anniversary from Jordan Brittley on Vimeo.

Vendors: Photography and Videography: Jordan Brittley // Makeup: Lindsey Jones-Wirht // Hair: Marie Bramlett

 Boy Meets Girl.
Love is Oysters & Wine

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Her Version:

I met Tri through Christian Rosales, my roomate at the time. Christian and I was both studying at Barnes & Nobles until Christian received a text message about a happy hour invite at Dogwood Tavern. It took less than 5 minutes to convince me to postpone studying (who wouldn’t say yes to $3.99 ½ dozen raw oysters!?). Sitting across the table from Tri, I only recall saying “Hi” and “Does anyone want to try some oysters?” We barely spoke that day- we must have been preoccupied with filling our bellies with oysters. Two weeks later, we “bumped” into each other at the VA Vintage Wine Festival at Bull Run. When I say “bumped” into each other, what I really mean is receiving a call from an unknown caller by the name of “Robert” claiming he met you on Facebook and insisting that the two of you meet up at the festival. I’m not sure why anyone would think this was a “smooth move” but it caught my attention. While most will consider it stalking, I found him charming and was intrigued by his confidence so we met up. After several casual text messages and gchats, we finally went on our first date. I remember going home shortly after the date and told Nhi, one of my closest girl friends, that “he was the one.” However cliche it may be, “when you know, you know.”


His Version:

She stalked me first.


Our Proposal Story
A “Free” Trip to Paris !

Her Version:

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always dreamt of visiting the City of Lights – to indulge in its french food, to sip its bordeaux, to leisurely lounge at the cafe, to be inspired by its chic fashion, and to wander aimlessly around its beautiful architecture even though I can barely say “bonjour.” This dream came true when I received a phone call from one of my closest girlfriend, Caroline, who had offered me her two “free” tickets to Paris since she wasn’t able to go due to a “schedule conflict.” Excitement would simply be an understatement. I quickly called Tri to share my good news and I immediately cleared my schedule to make this trip (I’m never one to miss out on a “good deal!”). After days of planning, reading travel blogs, attempting to learn a few words thanks to rosetta stone, Tri and I set off to Paris.

Overwhelmed with my “Paris Must See” list, never once did the thought of a proposal occur to me, even though it was right around the time of our two year anniversary. After two days of eating and drinking our way through Paris, Tri insisted that we both wake up early one morning to take sunrise pictures at the Eiffel Tower. When we arrived, Tri found a hidden locked garden with a mini waterfall and windmill right underneath the Eiffel Tower. Since it was locked, Tri told me to jump over the fence. Perhaps it was too early and that I was barely awake, but I jumped the fence even though I was fairly certain we were breaking all sorts of Parisian laws (um, trespassing for starters!). Tri then set up the iPod, tripod, and camera and told me this was my “Paris Fashion” shoot. With music in the background and such a romantic view, I decided we should dance. The music slowly stopped and Tri said to me, “What if I told you that this wasn’t a free trip? That I had planned this trip for you.” In disbelief, my first reaction was, “What do you mean it’s not free!?!” Followed by “Awww, you did all this for me?” My world was spinning. Then, Tri suddenly bent down on one knee, took my hand and asked me to marry him. It was the happiest moment I’ve ever felt in my entire life! It was as if I was the leading actress in a Rom-Com where the weird, hopeless romantics win! Alas, Tri forgot to turn on the video camera so there aren’t any embarrassing clips of this little love story of ours. Oh darn!