I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Cathy and Josiah were a ten year high school reunion set up! What a crazy story! They attended high school together, but it wasn’t until they were reunited after a decade that the pair found their match in each other! Very special thanks to Berrett Photography for sharing this couple’s gorgeous engagement images!


How they met (in the words of Josiah, the groom-to-be):

It all started about two summers ago when I decided to go to my ten year high school reunion from North Crowley. My friends were talking about my singleness–I wasn’t married or even dating. I had heard that enough before so it didn’t really bother me but before I knew it, they were plotting and scheming about some girl we all went to high school with that was a year younger than me. How they could get her and I to meet? Her name was Cathy. I am always extremely cautious of these kinds of things so I put her thru my usual filter and started asking my friend questions. “Now, is this girl legit? I mean does she love Jesus? I mean doe she really love Jesus, NOT just some cultural, ya I believe in Jesus and go to church kind of thing?” As she started to tell me more about how Cathy was the “REAL DEAL” the more I wanted to get to know her. Then they showed me a picture of her on Facebook. Although her name and face really didn’t ring a bell, there was one thing I did know, “I wanted to get to KNOW HER!” A matter of fact, “I HAVE to get to know her!” I mean come on…how many times do you hear of a beautiful girl that also loves Jesus and wants His will for her life…NOW that’s a game changer my friend.

I contacted her and we set up a time to meet for the first time at her parent’s house. Pulling up to her house that night and walking up the steps to her front door was the start of our last two years of getting to know each other and dating.





Their engagement story:

We left the day after Christmas with some friends for a ski trip in Red River, New Mexico. We both always wanted to get engaged on the beach, but because it was winter there was no beach trip in sight, so I figured the next best thing would be in the mountains.

We made it to the top of the mountain…10,000 foot aerial view of God’s beautiful creation all around us, sunshine, blue sky, a few spotty cotton ball clouds, the smell of pine trees, cool, crisp wind and a couple hot turkey wraps on a cedar table outside on the deck made for the best picnic yet together. As we were coming down the mountain and right before we crossed back over the frozen creek I said, “Hey, Cathy you know what the Bible says about he who finds a wife? It says in Proverbs 18:22 that ‘He who finds a wife, finds a GOOD Thing.'” Just as we crossed over the creek there in rocks read “MARRY ME.” Before I got on the knee I read thru the “Godly Characteristics Of A Woman” we see in Proverbs 31. I told Cathy that even though it was the physical attraction that might have initially drew us to each other, it will be the spiritual attraction that will sustain us for the rest of our lives in marriage and let me tell ya, “that my friends is SEXY. Her sweet and gentle spirit for Jesus and people challenges me daily!

I got on my knee and asked Cathy Elizabeth Gautier to marry me. She said YES, we KISSED, and fireworks lit up the sky as if it was the 4th of July. It was a day we will never forget!






Vendor: Photography: Berrett Photography