I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Romantic, simplistic details in a palette of grays and neutrals created a beautiful and authentic style to Rachel and Evan’s Birmingham wedding day. Threefold Events designed the beautiful edited and quietly beautiful day including gathered florals by Mandy Busby Creative and elevated warehouse vibes at the reception at the The Theodore. Faith and joy were the couple’s focus and Meghan Murphy Photography captured both beautifully in these fine art images.

What made the wedding special and unique? 

We had an absurdly large number of people involved in our wedding. 13 bridesmaids, 17 groomsmen, 6 influential men and women, plus several folks who read scripture and took part in the ceremony in some way. Beyond even these people, we had so many friends who helped us decorate the reception, or bring us food, etc. We also had the privilege of being friends with several of our wedding vendors, so it was more like hanging out than working together. In general; our community just showed up so much for our wedding day, and the unique feeling of looking around and being aware of how many people were tangibly choosing to love us is something we won’t ever forget.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

My sweet dress was much more of an ordeal than I anticipated. There was something to love about each one I tried on! What’s not to love about beautifully designed floor length white gowns?? After visiting every dress shop in town and trying on hundreds of dresses, enough was enough. My best friend and I sat down one night and decided that by the time our bottle of wine was gone, we would have chosen THE dress. She asked me brilliant questions that (somewhat manipulatively) helped me figure out what I really wanted. I’ve been in love ever sense. My girl was everything I could have wanted and MORE.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal? 

On our 3rd date, we went to Church Street Coffee and ate “breakup cookies” aka the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had. Evan says he decided to marry me on that date. Now it’s one of our favorite desserts. So at our wedding, it only made sense to have breakup cookies instead of cake.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

Right after our ceremony, we ran out into a small room just us. The sacredness and the weight of the covenant we had made with God and each other hit us hard. It felt holy in some way. We sat and relished in the fact that we were married. Receiving the gift that our marriage already was and would be.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met at church, and started dating after some significant prompting from our mutual friends. Evan’s proposal was the most thoughtful, intentional, loving, and humbling day.

There was a letter on the door (which I totally passed up at first) and an aisle of Ebenezers waiting for me inside. The concept of Ebenezers is one that Evan and I have talked of often – physical representations of all the ways the Lord has helped us. We don’t ever want to forget who God is and what He’s done in our lives.

Each pew held a photo with a note from Evan describing the milestone or memory it represented. As I reflect on each Ebenezer, there is no denying the Lord’s goodness. Evan then guided us through communion and prayer- ensuring that we remembered the most important thing the Lord has ever done for us, extending salvation through His Son.

It is only because of THAT gift that Evan could then ask me to MARRY him. To which I responded YES emphatically and about 20 times. There was no playing it cool.

I’ve never felt more loved or pursued than I did on this day. The Lord has provided a man that truly reflects His character, gospel, love and pursuit toward me.

Photographer: Meghan Murphy Photography // Month of Wedding Planner: Threefold Events // Florals: Mandy Busby Creative // Venues: Redeemer Community Church // Reception Venue: The Theodore // Hair and Makeup: Emmy Hunt // Wedding Dress Designer: Kelly Faetanini // Wedding Dress: Carriage House // Ring Box: Mrs. Box // Wedding Dessert: Breakup Cookies