Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

We’re now less than three weeks away from the wedding and people keep asking me how I’m feeling. Consistently, I hear myself saying, “I just want to be married” or even worse, “I want it to be over.”

Honestly, now, what is my problem? I am so excited to marry my man and so excited to share that special day with my community. So what is the deal? I think my issue is I want to have my cake and eat it to. I want to be married, planning a wedding. I want to have the stability and sense of calm of being a wife, while having the giddiness and fun of being a fiancée. When the stress kicks in, the former always seems to outweigh the latter, but the truth is I want both.

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What’s a girl to do? How does one, while anxiously awaiting the new season of life that the wedding will bring, enjoy the anticipation of the season before? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for this one. I definitely resonate with what Lady Jess said about the weeks leading up to the wedding. It’s a mix of emotions and it’s not quite what you might expect.

The single thing that has been most helpful to me is remembering to slow down. Take each day as an individual opportunity to connect with your wedding party and family, to fall deeper in love with your partner, to tackle some project that’s been weighing on your mind. Just take it that day. Deal in 24 hour blocks. It’s easy to keep the countdown winding in your mind, but in my case the constant ticking was starting to make me pretty crazy.

I don’t want to look back on this season and regret projecting in the future and not enjoying the present. I’m far from mastering it, but I still have a few weeks to savor the moments. I’ll get to eat my cake, but I’m trying to wait with joy and expectation in the meantime.

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