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If you’re like me, you have a little nervousness about the idea of going out with a big piece of pink satin across your chest and getting handed shots all night. Sounds like the fast track to a rough hangover. But if you’re like my maid of honor, you see the bachelorette party as a sacred tradition not to be tampered with. I’ve found the best way to make sure the night will be fun for everyone is for me to suggest a general direction I’m hoping the party will take, and let her handle the details (and surprises!).

Here are some broad ideas to give your MOH before you completely pass off the reins. Then your job is to trust that she’ll be creating a night (or day) to remember. After all, you picked her for a reason!

THE CLASSIC: Girls’ Night Out


You know the drill: little black dress, red lipstick, stiletto heels. Get prepped and throw back some energy drinks- it’s time for the best club/bar crawl of your life. Throw on a tiara and bride-to-be sash and you can basically guarantee yourself free drinks and waived cover charges all night. A good GNO only ends when the clubs are closing, you can’t feel your feet, and you’ve burned your calories for the week. Just make sure you give yourself some good recovery time after!

THE A-CLASS: Girls’ Night In


You still get dressed up and get down. The difference with a girls’ night behind closed doors is your crew can hand-pick the company. Think of it as a VIP event with a bit less free alcohol but way more control… unless, of course, a certain kind of police officer shows up at your door. The night in may sound less eventful than the night out, but that all depends on how rowdy your girls can get!

THE CLASSY: Girls’ Afternoon Out


Are you more mimosa than martini, more lemon drop than long island iced tea? Then an afternoon on some sun-spotted terrace where clean-cut men hand you classy cocktails might be a fit for you. Prime locations to get your day-drink on in style include resort pools, country club patios, and sleek ships. Touch up your tan and gab with your girls. It’s the ultimate chance to relax with your favorite ladies.

But you don’t have to stop there! My MOH and I are compromising doing an afternoon on the water and a bar crawl after. She gets to dress me up and parade me around, and I get to pre-game in an idyllic setting. Not too bad a set up, eh?

What will you do for your bachelorette party? What are you excited about? What makes you nervous?

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