Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Last week I met with a potential décor and floral vendor and to say that I was less than impressed was an understatement. Through this blog and Pinterest, I would say I came very prepared with what I had in mind and envisioned for our wedding. While I tend to dream big with my plans {but staying within our budget, of course}, I was hoping the planner could meet me half way and start walking around her showroom to show me how she intended to help me make all of my ideas come to life. While she was very kind and nice, we just did not mesh and a week later, I still do not have an estimate back from her.

Fast forward to the next day; I received our estimate back from our venue for food and beverage. Talk about sticker shock. Can I just say that feeding people is EXPENSIVE!!! While I may have experience in helping plan corporate events, seeing late night snack charge of $4.00 per donut, I find that to be a bit excessive. So, now it’s time to get creative.

Can we negotiate the prices on food {which we are already ordering some of the most basic items for our buffet}? What if we did our own décor and pick up flowers wholesale? It will surely be a bit labor intensive on our end, it will help off-set the cost of the food and beverage, which I’m told is always the most expensive expense of the wedding anyways. Our last wedding of the month happened to be a cousin of my fiancé’s. I chatted with her mom about her linens {which were gorgeous and in my color scheme} and flowers– she mentioned that she bought all the linens, the flowers were done wholesale, and bouquets and boutonnieres were done by our local grocery store floral department. She also said I had first dibs on the linens. Talk about taking a huge weight of relief off my shoulders!

In the past few weeks I have realized that this is why I am planning so far ahead, for moments like these. So I can stress now and stress less as the wedding approaches. I’ve noted that voicing my frustrations and concerns with both sets of parents and my fiancé and vetting out all of your options helps get the wheels turning about what we can do to still make it the perfect wedding for us but at a reasonable cost. And last but not least, just to breathe!

When did you have your first major wedding freak out?! How did you move past it?!

Image via Pinterest via Stories by Stella