I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Stacy and Edwin are both pharmacists, so naturally when it came time for CCL Weddings & Events to help plan and design their wedding, it made sense to include a few fun details that were a nod to the bride and groom’s career. Obviously you know how much we love personal details so it’s no surprise how much we love everything about their gorgeous wedding at Fig House. One of our all time favorite photographers, Braedon Photography is responsible for all of these beautiful images, so of course it is a major love fest over here today!


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

Both dresses were custom made by Dawn at Atelier in Los Angeles, CA. I really wanted a fun, blush wedding gown. Dawn designed the wedding gown which was really light and whimsical and blended the color so it had just a hint of pink. I wanted a belt for the dress and she beaded the beautiful gold studded belt to make the dress unique.


What made the wedding special and unique?

It started with us falling in love with our venue, The Fig House. The vibrant colors and the retro furniture were just a few things that made it feel like the perfect place for our special night. Edwin’s brother designed animation characters of us and it was detailed throughout our wedding. Guests were given pins with each of our animations to wear to represent which side of the wedding they came from. Our favorite drink(grapefruit izze) was labeled with a personal label and given to guests as a welcome beverage. PharmacieLA served our guests a variety of tasty cocktails and drinks during the reception and Whoa! Nelly catering did a fantastic job with the appetizers and family-style dinner. All of this with our concept executed by Catherine and her team made it an unforgettable night for us.


What were some touches added to make it personal?

We are both HUGE foodies and wanted our guests to know where our favorite places to eat were in Los Angeles. We included in our invitations a map of our favorite places to eat since most of my family traveled from Hawaii and we wanted them to explore what LA has to offer. We also had our favorite desserts at our wedding: Carmela ice cream and Churros by Salinas. Catherine made it even more personal for us by adding the Pharmacy theme since we are both pharmacists. Our guests name cards were made out of old-fashioned pharmacy bottles that looked absolutely exquisite and the flowers that went in them made it even more delightful.


What was the most memorable part of the day?

As soon as the reception began, our guests couldn’t wait to come up and congratulate us. We had a sweetheart table and one by one, our friends and family came up and it made us feel overwhelmingly loved. Our photographer Braedon didn’t miss a beat and had everyone who came up pose for a picture so that we could capture a moment with our loved ones. Even though we had arranged to take pictures with our guests later in the evening, this made it even more special since it was all improvised.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met through our mutual friend Boram who felt that we were perfect for each other. She actually arranged for our friends to get together one night just so we could meet. We didn’t know her intentions at first but when we met a second time, we didn’t need her assistance as we naturally just clicked and were drawn to each other. When we started dating we realized our friend was right about us. We both share a similar sense of humor as we both make each other laugh constantly and even have the same taste in the art of music. We also love to eat and explore new places to dine at and its been fun sharing those experiences together. We even get to share our rants about work, although unfortunate at times, since we are both Pharmacists. Since we are self-proclaimed Foodies, it was only appropriate to get engaged while sharing a delightful dinner and dessert at one of our favorite restaurants, Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles. I have a major sweet tooth and was shocked that dessert was coming even though we didn’t order anything. When I read the words “Will You Marry Me” on the plate, I clearly thought the restaurant made a mistake, but after I saw my name “Stacy” on the bottom and Edwin getting on one knee, I couldn’t believe what was happening!

Stacy + Edwin at The Fig House from Braedon Flynn on Vimeo.

Vendors: Photography: Braedon Photography // Wedding Planning and Design: CCL Weddings & Events // Venue: Fig House // Catering: Whoa Nelly // Stationery Design: Chris Kim Designs // Hair and Makeup: Kelly Zhang Studios // Floral: Green Leaf Designs // Dessert: Salinas Churros // Dessert: Carmelas // Photobooth: Sutando // Alcohol: Pharmacie LA // Rentals: Town and Country // Hand Lettering: Skye Cho (#fontgirl) // Glitter Hearts: Shop Ban.do // Dress: Atelier by Dawn // Trio: OC Strings // DJ/MC: Shine Entertainment