I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

It should come as no to surprise to you, darlings, that we are lovers of all things color, so when we spied Amber and Eric’s wedding shot by Amanda Watson Photography we knew we’d have to share this one with you! Bright bridesmaids, a groom decked in blue, and a colorful bouquet–these are things we just can’t get enough of!


What made the wedding special and unique?

Several elements made our day the most dreamy and perfect of all. In the fabric of the day, the most purposeful event was the joining of our unique family. I happen to be be blessed with the worlds most loving, talented, creative, bright, thoughtful, beautiful, young man, my son Julian. He is every bit of the center of our world. It was of great importance to for us to convey that in our ceremony. Julian walked me down the isle with my father and in part gave his blessing in “giving me away”. However he was not far, standing beside me throughout most of the ceremony.

Together we held arms and shared prayer and centered thoughts as we moved to one of the most magical parts of the ceremony, our family wishes. We had collected Dandelion’s from all of our most favorite places, spaces important to our family and saved them for our wedding day. Together we gathered close and included all of our guests in our tradition, whispering “one, two, three .. Blow!”

We have mostly just called it wishing. My son and I had started the tradition many years ago, walking the dogs and throughout outdoor adventures. Julian and I would take turns finding the most perfectly fluffy Dandelion’s, carefully pick them, close eyes and center our thoughts on all the good we wanted for our lives, envisioning our dreams, and blowing all at once in hopes they would come true.. That all of the good energy we put into each other and love we give and share with others all comes round and our dreamscapes come true. They are hopeful and warm moments in our everyday. Eric soon joined us in our journeys to mountains and nightly walks with the pups, wishing together with us. It was only natural that we would include a group wish with our family and friends, all channeling good thoughts and energy together on our most special day.


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

I think women across the world dream of The Dress. Many still after, what they would’ve worn instead or perhaps if they could do it all over again, what wild change they would have made… A dream day. I can say without any doubt, my dress was the most perfect choice. It took all of ten minutes to eye that beauty. Though I tried on a few others for good measure and a bit of play, it had me at hello.

The whole experience was perfect. The boutique I chose, Molier Bridal came highly recommended and for good reason. She’s a quaint little shoppe, dainty, with warm staff and vintage feel. They have so many beautiful gowns, truly the finest collection from the classics to editorial-esque billowy gowns. Though I met my Maggie Sottero and just said yes. Beaded, art-deco, plunging neck and back, sheer lace shoulders, and the most exquisitely designed train, I fell in love immediately. I felt so special the moment I put it on. It was so formal and fine, so unique. I had never seen a gown so different and magnetic. It was magnificent. I had two dear friends with me that day that gasped and immediately agreed. And that choice made all of the difference. I have never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. Perfect right?


What were some touches added to make it personal?

Eric and I really wanted everyone that was apart of our day to know how much we loved them, how important they were to our family, how grateful we were for their love and support in growing us to this point in our lives. We decided we did not want to wait for the thank you cards to send to say all we wanted to say. So we decided to write letters to every single guest. I am a bit of a crafter and hand made the stationary, hand painting and with stamps, all colors and impressions chosen specially. It was literally the most gratifying and the warmest feeling to tell he people that mean so much to us exactly that and all the more love. It felt so good to take the time to do it.. I knew that we might not get the chance in a bustling day to do so. It was the least we could do for all those who have done so much for us.

We also had tremendous help in realizing our wants and wishes for the day. We worked closely with my dear friend Camden Chitwood of Emerson Events, amazing wedding planner. She also created our flower arrangements, more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. My flower crown was everything. It was The Most. My mother in-law collected nearly all of the antique dishes and glassware. All of which I now get to enjoy daily, teapots teacups, and flower vases smiling at me everyday as a perfect reminder.

Our photographer was is a dream. She and her husband worked together to make our entire engagement and wedding photos beyond perfection. The moments could not have been captured more authentically. It was truly magic. All involved made it the most special. From our fine dinner the night before to our friends assisting in surprise freezing weather in decor and last minute fabulous touches, to my son close to me, fancy hotel extravagance and breakfast in bed and dancing, our “last night” as just a perfect two. The day’s prep, boys and shaves and girls with curls and champagne. Lovely gifts from my soon to be husband and the kindest love letter to Julian. It was everything.


What was the most memorable part of the day?

This one is hard to answer. It was all of it. Everyone and everything was such a perfect fit. The vows were huge. We wrote our own and elected to leave out any traditional ones. We made our family wish together and blew the collected Dandelion’s towards our family and friends and then turned to each other.

I got to be as flowery as I wanted to be.. and he got to share with the world just how eloquent and beautiful and stunning a man he is.. Though it’s known. It was so warm in that space between us though the temperature had plummeted to the 30s, snowflakes and all. When I could see his face and all other spaces went quiet except his brown eyes. That was it. Perfect.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

His eyes. I saw them and they saw me, and that’s all I could see. It started at this perfect show Washed Out.. We were introduced.. the night went on. I saw him through the lights and thought once or twice.. The night ended and on our own ways. Later at another show, a Best Man’s finest brought us together once again. This is when I really saw him. He has the perfect teeth and this laugh, I could not stop watching. We met again. Later he inquired with one of my favorite girls on the planet, “What about her..”. We met on a Wednesday evening, conversation and close for hours, and every hour since. Gives me a fuzzy nose to think of it all! So completely in Love.

The engagement:

We are mountain folk trapped in the flat lands. Hahaa! But really we are. Any moments we can we whisk away to the closest, most beloved state of Colorado. Estes Park is where we land every summer. Pups and scurries up mountains, campfires and cozy nights. I always said I wanted to be married on a mountain. One quickly finds out how difficult a task that becomes so far from peaks.

Eric was thoughtful and knew of my dreams. We went away with a couple one weekend in February, to a cabin in the mountains of Oklahoma (mt Scott to be exact). We arrived early and decided to hike. Eric and I were sort of just taking it all in and he calls for me to come over and see where he is. Before I could ask what was up or where to look he started to tell me beautiful things and how he loved me so… Got down on one knee and asked me to marry him forever. I super said yes and screamed like a crazy person. So much joy in that moment!


Vendors: Photography: Amanda Watson Photography // Event Planner: Emerson Events // Ring box: The Mrs. Box // Reception Venue: Myriad Botanical Gardens // Caterer: Althea’s Vault Cafe and Bakery // Bakery: amy cakes LLC // Brides Shoes: Betsey Johnson // Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero // Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew // Makeup Artist: Malorie Avaline Hair & makeup // Linens and Coverings: Marianne’s Rentals // Jewelry: Swarovski // Photobooth Equipment: botbooth // Ring Designer: Pale Fish