I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Erin & Marc’s wedding planning may have been short—just three months—but Tala Events proved to create beauty under pressure with this couple’s lovely Orange County nuptials.  Their planner recalls how “their eyes lit up once they toured Serra Plaza with visions of how to transform this outdoor venue into a wedding that reflected their own personalities and love story.” Beautiful, dusty lavender and deep red florals by Floral Fete establish the romantic palette while cafe lights and understated rustic tablescapes keep the outdoor casually elegant. Photographer Meiwen Wang captures all the details in her stunning film style. We’re especially loving the portraits at the Mission San Juan Capistrano.


What made the wedding special and unique?

All of the friends who helped make our big day happen. The only people we didn’t know personally were a few of our caterers, and by the end, we felt like we personally knew everyone and had made incredible friends! We’re so grateful to have developed such sweet friendships that have continued on past our wedding day, and now our marriage is forever blessed with these long lasting friendships!


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

The gown was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more! The funny thing was I thought I knew what I would like going into the fitting; however, I ended up falling in love with the total opposite! I scheduled 5 different fittings with 5 different bridal salons; however, I was one of those who found her dress on the first day and it was perfect! I was told that Love and Lace Bridal had every kind of gown a girl could dream of, but I didn’t realize how true that was until I stepped into the store! The women who work there are the kindest and most encouraging women you’ll ever come across. Sara helped me find and try on various types until we came across “the one” and it was a dream come true! A laced corset on the top that flowed down into layers that curved and laid on top of one another perfectly – I felt like a princess. It was the perfect dress.


What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

Some touches we added were our decor and elements within our ceremony! The words Marc and I came up with to describe our wedding’s aesthetic was “manly, elegant, and vintage.” So with that, we added touches of copper and brass amidst our florals and candles. We had vintage couches and old tables. Then within our ceremony, we had our dear friend officiate the wedding and our best friends prayed over us while our other friends played our music – everyone we loved had a role on our big day, and that’s what made it personal, along with the decor.


What was the most memorable part of the day? 

The most memorable part of the day was our ceremony! I would relive those precious 45 minutes over and over again. The blessings spoken over us and having everyone we loved be a part of it – it was a heaven-on-earth kind of moment.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

It was 7PM on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at Mariners Church’s College Group. Everyone was mingling with their friends they hadn’t seen since before Christmas break, while Marc and his guys were shooting hoops on the basketball court waiting for College Group to begin. Erin hobbled in (purposefully late to avoid small talk) on two crutches, with Katie and Paige at her side, muttering under her breath, “I hate these stupid crutches, my armpits hurt, stupid sprained ankle (almost falling)!”.

Moments later a loud and booming voice (Conrad) welcomed everyone into the gym for College Group “DOOODGEBAAALLLLL!” Little did Marc and Erin know, this Dodgeball Night would be the event that changed the rest of their lives. 45 minutes rolled by – Erin was laughing and enjoying watching people get pegged by flying balls, while Marc was running around, dodging balls left and right. Both were having a fun time with their friends!

Then, in the middle of the millionth game, Erin noticed this crazy guy dancing around on the Dodgeball court and thought, “Oh my gosh, this guy is the extroverted, male version of me – I need to meet him!” So she called over her friend, Lizzy, who knew this guy, to introduce them. Seconds later, the hippest Filipino Erin had ever seen walked over and introduced himself saying, “Hi! I’m Marc!” Little did Erin know, Marc had noticed her the moment she hobbled in, and had been searching for ways to introduce himself all night. So Erin and Marc owe Lizzy Paulos a HUGE thank you! Two days later, Marc asked Erin out on their first adventure, and they’ve been dating, falling in love, and serving the Lord together ever since.

Then, on May 1st, Marc proposed to me. I thought I would be hanging out with some of my girlfriends that day; however, I was tricked. When my friend and I were dropping off tea to her husband, she ushered me into St. Andrews Presbyterian Church’s chapel. I thought she wanted me to see the beautiful decor they had set up for that night’s Worship Night (which didn’t end up happening because it was never planned). Nevertheless, I said, “Wow, this looks beautiful!” And then, I saw it. My chair that I loved, and had used for many years, waiting for me in the middle of the chapel. Then, I knew. I squealed, “Are you serious?!” as my friend nudged me inside to experience the most beautiful proposal in the world. After watching videos of my best friends speak affirmations and prayers over us, and then my family as well, Marc popped out. While our dear friend played our love song, Marc got down on one knee and asked me to do life with him until the end of time. And I said “YES” as quickly as the word could come out. Then, I was surprised by the “Yay!!!” that took place behind us as a few of my best friends popped out after witnessing the whole thing! It was the most perfect proposal in the whole world.


Marc + Erin || Wedding Film from David Orgill on Vimeo.

Photography: Meiwen Wang // Wedding Planning & Design: Tala Events // Florals: Floral Fete // Venue: Serra Plaza // First Look & Portraits Venue: Mission San Juan Capistrano // Videography: David & Katie Orgill, Story By Image // Dress: Mikaella Bridal // Hair/Makeup: Pure Beauty By Danielle // Cake: Paper Street Cake // Groom’s Attire: Grooms Grotto // Espresso Bar: Urban Espresso // Catering: Sundried Tomato Bistro // Dress & Veil: Love And Lace Bridal Salon // Rentals: Archive Rentals // Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints