I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Today we’re welcoming back our fave Grey contributor, Megan, from Mae Mae Paperie, who is sharing with us some great insight about collecting your style that I found to be absolutely refreshing. She’s always on the hunt for what defines her, which can be applied on tactile levels, like keying in on the style of your wedding, home, or business. But beyond the aesthetics of our physical realm are the key components of who we are. Finding inspiration that helps define us, as individuals, is a meaningful metaphor for me. Colors, shapes, textures…we’re all attracted to different elements for a myriad of reasons, each unique to oneself. I know I’m getting all philosophical on you (and it’s Friday, for heaven’s sake!) but I thought the idea of finding yourself through imagery is quite a lovely one to ponder.

This board is so Mae Mae–both in design and personality. What’s on your board? Who are you in images?

bright summer inspiration board

One of the hardest things about being creative for a living is moving steadily (or at a million miles an hour!) forward daily instead of waiting for a stroke of inspiration to hit you. Sometimes in the middle of a project you just get that creative adrenaline rush and for me it reminds me of racing (when I used to swim in high school and college). You feel so strong and filled with energy. But most days aren’t like that which is why I try to arm myself with a toolbox of font, illustration, color, and style elements that represent the MaeMae brand. I also am always collecting images – on my phone, on my computer, and all over my studio walls. Last Friday I had one of those creative adrenaline rushes and was hurriedly grabbing a bunch of inspiration off my walls and flipping through the four (yes – four) notebooks I am currently taking notes in to start designing some of my social stationery collections. The above images are from various magazines, newspapers, and books and are hanging on my three bulletin boards, and my walls. It’s so funny to me how amongst all the things I have up that these images are so cohesive and perfectly represent the mood of what I am working on. Can’t wait to share the final product in September! Have a beautiful weekend!