I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Chicas! Happy Monday! What better way to start off a gorgeous week than by offering up a freebie?? Today, we’ve got the most darling ever giveaway from one of our sponsors, Taylor Morgan Design. She specializes in designing custom veils for half the price that you’d normally find at any bridal salon. And that’s huge, because I know you gals know…you’re in the salon with the winning dress and suddenly they start bringing out all these beautiful veils for you to try on to complete your look. You turn over the price tag and your jaw drops. $350????? For a yard of lace and tulle????? It’s a crime!

Well, in comes Taylor Morgan — a bridal dress consultant turned veil designer. She’s got the eye for which veils look great with which dress, she’s all about custom orders, her materials are identical to those you’d get anywhere else, and she’s offering them up for fab prices! Oh…and she’s a total cutie.

red balloons lace veil discounted prices

Soooo, here’s the deal. We’ve got this cutie pie lace number that’s up for grabs. There are lots of ways for you to enter and increase your chances:

1) Leave a comment below, on Grey Likes.

2) Become a follower of the Taylor Morgan Design Blog.

3) Like Taylor Morgan Design on Facebook

Wow. Lots of ways to throw your name in the hat. But that’s how we like to do it! The giveaway is open until Thursday evening at 8pm. We’ll pick our winner and announce it this Friday, so get to liking, ladies.