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I’m gonna go ahead and admit it. You can totally be mad at my confession…but I think there’s a part of you that has to agree with me: Bridesmaid dresses are fugly. Let me prove it. Do a google image search for “one shoulder bridesmaid dress” or “short yellow bridesmaid dress” or “long black bridesmaid dress.” Check out the images. Now take out the word bridesmaid. The results drastically improve. There’s something about adding the word bridesmaid that somehow takes away the personality of a dress and adds a more uniform feel to it. If you really boil it down, that’s what bridesmaid dresses really are, after all–uniforms. While I’m a big big big fan of letting bridesmaids pick their own dresses, I’m also a big fan of un-fugly bridesmaid dresses altogether (easier said than found, right?). Whenever I see bridesmaid dresses like these, it’s why I insist on sharing them with you.

Now’s the time for you to get a little upset. We’re on the hunt for the source for these dresses, but don’t have it yet. That said, this whole one-shoulder situation is really adding the right kind of gorg and glam to the typical blah of bridesmaid torture. So tell me your thoughts. How will/is/did the bridesmaid dress drama work out in your corner? Are you selecting? Are they selecting? Has the search been torturous? Would you ever consider the idea of letting them select their own dresses, with some direction/approval on your part? Are you one of those silly gals who insists the girls will wear the dress you chose again? Have you or anyone you know EVER worn their dress again? What are your thoughts? It’s a bridesmaid dress tell all.

While you think, enjoy all these gorgeous images of actress and model Scarlett Chorvat’s wedding to Med Abrous. Beautiful beautiful photography by Michael Segal.

scarlett chorvat wedding grey stone manor one shoulder bridesmaid dress

scarlett chorvat wedding day

sexy one shoulder dress

one shoulder champagne color bridesmaid dress

greystone mansion wedding

scarlett chorvat wedding