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lauren conrad beauty department blog

Gals, today I thought I’d make sure you pack up your bags and go check out The Beauty Department (if you haven’t already). It’s a spunky blog full of crazy helpful tips and fab ideas for all things beauty. I mean really…you’ll walk away feeling more girly (and beauty empowered) than you’ve ever believed possible.

They feature everything from pony tutorials (re: wedding hairdo ideas!!!)…

lauren conrad bridal hair tutorial

…to extensive blush brush legends:

blush brush make up tips

It’s all supremely important stuff that I know you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon digging through. For reals. I never new how many blush brushes a gal really needs in her life, did you?

So get on over there for the full gamut of tips. I guarantee you’ll be inspired to try out smoky eyes, actually blow dry your hair (ahem. me.) or at least give yourself a fresh pedi with this homemade lemon salt scrub (that or get yourself to the nail salon. ahem. me again.).

homemade diy lemon salt scrub

What makes this kickin’ little blog just a tad cooler is that Lauren Conrad and pals are behind it. These chicas know their stuff.