I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Alright, gals. Today is our first run at sharing your blog here on Grey! I thought we’d get started with a topic brides most often comment about: wedding dresses. It seems you gals are totally on the hunt for gorgeous gowns, so first off, I’m sharing some of my absolute faves from the Elie Saab Spring couture runway. After that, it’ll be your chance to chime in and share away!


Images via Wedding Inspirasi

In order to join in the fun and share your fave designers, dresses, choices, and finds, here’s what you do.

1. Blog about wedding dresses! It can be a round up of your favorite wedding dresses you’ve seen from around the web (extra points if the dress is on a real bride from a real wedding!). You can also use a post of YOU in your dress, or images of the dresses you tried on, with thoughts and reviews! Pretty much anything goes, as long as it’s focused on wedding dresses! Be sure to include the dress designers/photog credits in your posts so brides can track down their faves!

***For this round up, we’re also going to open it up so that you can post a permalink to any site! If you’ve got a dress you’re loving, just insert the permalink. Any website will work, so give it a try! Inlinkz will allow you to choose the image from that page and will even let you crop!

2. If you are linking to your blog, be sure to add a link to Grey Likes Weddings so that your readers can find the round up and meet other bride bloggers. We’re all about spreading the love!

3. Using our Inlinkz button below, post a permalink (a link to a specific post NOT a link to your main page) in the space provided. Once you do that, the InLinkz tool will allow you to select a thumbnail (and even crop your image) which will then appear on our blog.

4. Name your post: We recommend using the name of the dress designer. See my first few examples! I’ve included links to Grey Likes archives as well as links to other web sources so you can see it works both ways!

5. Check back often! We’ll keep the submissions open until next Friday, so all of you blogging brides can contribute!

6. Let me know what you think! Feel free to comment with questions. Crossing our fingers this works!


***UPDATE: You can skip all the instructions above if you like. All you need to know is, hit the blue button that says “Add your link”, which is on the left below our collection of dresses. Paste the url of a web page that has an image of a dress you love. Write in the name of the designer and your email. Hit next step. Choose the “crop” option below your fave pic. Drag the arrows. Click “Crop the selected area.” That’s it. Your thumbnail will appear!