I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

For those of you (like ME!) that are have a fairly established home, wedding registries are a bit of a quandary, because a lady can only have so many KitchenAid Mixers before she’s out of room. After pretty tableware and new silverware, I sort of ran out of ideas. But what I am currently collecting is artwork! And the real stuff–the good stuff–is pricey. So when we “met” our new sponsor, UGallery, it felt like a dream come true.

My fave painting:


UGallery is an online art gallery that sells original, one-of a kind artworks. They showcase 5,000-6,000 pieces of art on our site at any given time, and their art covers a range of prices, mediums, and styles. What’s even better, their collection of art is curated, so each piece is high-quality and has been hand selected by an expert panel.


Bryan and I can hand select artwork, and our friends and family have the opportunity to give us an incredibly memorable gift that will make our home more lovely. Plus, if we fall in love with a particularly pricey piece, guests can contribute to a portion of the artwork in a joint effort to nab our fave!


Ready to register? Just head to UGallery and select the “Registry” option. There will be instructions to help set up an account. Already in love with these paintings?

no. 1: A Silent Poem, 2013 by Rick Heck //Acrylic paining on stretched canvas // Price: $500

no. 2: Simplicity by Judy Mackey // Oil painting on canvas board // Price: $300

no. 3: The View Outside by Kajal Zaveri // Landscape on a gallery wrapped canvas // Price: $250