I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

One of the things we are most worried about during our wedding planning process is finding the right DJ. It’s so difficult to know if you are selecting a really rad DJ, or someone crazy cheesy. And because you can’t actually go to someone else’s wedding to try them out, it makes this decision feel like you are picking such an important element completely blindfolded. Which is why we have totally fallen for our newest sponsor, Scratch Weddings.

Scratch Weddings is a nationwide service that provides highly skilled and screened marquee wedding DJs (we’re talking pros that play for high end brands and recording artists). They offer tons of customization and account for style, taste and music vision for the night. I love that their DJs have an enormous breadth of experience spinning weddings, events, festivals, concerts and lounges that can help any couple execute their music vision for the night. Scratch Weddings DJs are experts at reading the crowd and building energy on the dance floor by mixing and blending a diverse set of genres to appeal to your taste and guest make-up. Even better, they offer the most affordable and experienced talent in the industry and even extend a 72 hour “change of plans” refund policy. If you are on the hunt for the musical element to your wedding, no matter where you are getting married, these guys should def be on your list to check out!

*This post was brought to you by Scratch Weddings, however all opinions are my own.