I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Alright darlings! So we are taking a poll. How many of you have your engagement ring insured? Do you know any horror stories about friends losing their rings???

I’ve asked several of our friends and was a bit surprised to find out how many couples DON’T have their rings insured. I also think one of the reasons it stresses me out is because while on a trip to Mexico, one of our close friends lost her engagement ring. Well, it disappeared out of their hotel safe–which is a scary thought! What was amazing is that they were insured separately through a specialty insurer like today’s sponsor, Jewelers Mutual® Insurance Company. Jewelers Mutual’s Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance makes it incredibly easy to protect your cherished jewelry pieces with the most comprehensive insurance around. Their ring was easily replaced!

We have ANOTHER set of friends who lost their ring somewhere in their house, and Jeweler’s Mutual was still able to replace it under the insurance policy! It’s also pretty surprising how affordable ring insurance is, which is why I think it’s well worth the investment to get that piece of mind. We’ve learned that many homeowner’s policies and warranties will not cover loss or theft which is why a specific policy is so dang important!

So we are dying to know–do you have your ring insured? Or better yet, do you know any horror stories about friends losing their rings??? Tell us the dirt!