I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Here’s our second set of photos from Caroline and Dan at Tinywater Photography. And a few more quick pieces of advice for making the best of your photo shoots:

3. With only two days to prep for our shoot, I didn’t have time to create a story board and run around purchasing props. Instead, we picked a really fun activity to do: ice skating. (Bryan and I haven’t gone skating ages, so I was pretty excited my skills totally outshined his! He blames his poor performance on the skates. Boo!) The rink in Santa Monica provided us with tons of great backdrops. So, if you’re feeling all kinds of pressure to style a shoot, but are having trouble thinking of something super creative, consider choosing an activity that will lend itself to great moments! Or just hire a stylist!

4. Wear something you feel great in! In NO WAY am I a fashionista. But I certainly wanted some fun details to wear for our shoot. With only a day or two to prep, I called up Mai, from Ruche, who let me come down to her studio for wardrobe styling. She did an amazing job helping me pick out a few really fun accessories with plenty of color to make our photos POP. Check out the cutie shirt, scarf, and gloves, which are all available for purchase!

5. Main regret: Those darn skates don’t look like the super cute white ones I had pictured in my head. Hello, Dorothy Hammill? I was wondering if I could borrow your ice skates? Mine look like robot feet…it’s so not ladylike.

Happy winter!