I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

A few weeks back, Caroline and Dan from Tinywater Photography just so happened to be down here in SoCal. We turned a lunch date into a photo shoot, and I decided to drag Bryan along for a little pre-Valentine’s gift. The experience was soooo much fun! It was really weird being on the other side of the computer screen…actually posing for photographers rather than looking at their work. During the process, I learned a few things about what I would definitely make sure to do again, so I thought I’d share my lessons with you:

1: Hire a make-up artist. The morning of our shoot, I scooted on over to Jamie Michele’s studio (who I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!). She was super fun to be around and I left feeling spectacular (and with back up make-up to keep things maintained!). I can’t tell you what an amazing difference it makes, even with how you feel. Being photographed can feel awkward and uncomfortable, so looking your best helps you to feel a bit more at ease. Also, if you’re planning on having your make-up done for your wedding (an absolute MUST in my opinion) then you can use your engagement session as an opportunity to do a trial run.

2. Pick photographers that you click with! I cannot say enough how much I LOVED working with Caroline and Dan. They were spectacular. They made Bryan and I feel comfortable, gave us direction, made us laugh, came up with great ideas to keep us looking natural and were generally FABULOUS to be around. Making sure you click with your photographer is HUGE!!! I don’t think I realized how HUGE though until I was in front of the camera feeling all awkward and silly. I absolutely LOVE Caroline and Dan, not only for their work, but also because they were just that great.

I’ve got one more lesson and plenty more pictures that I’m going to share with my next post, which will be up in a few hours. For now, here are a few goodies: