I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

One thing that we hear time and time again is how overwhelming planning a wedding can be.  Some brides love diving into all the details, while others would rather hand those decisions off to a professional. Let’s be honest, there are a million options out there from florists, to photographers, to caterers. But some brides just don’t have the extra budget to hire someone to handle the details for them, that’s where The Party People come in!


The Party People are full-service party planners, with one CRUCIAL difference—they are totally FREE for the client. Pretty awesome, right?!

The super cool thing is they make money the same way many other planners do—they work off of referral fees from the vendors.  Because of this, they see no reason to charge the client as well.  Therefore, their services are free!


You may be wondering how this works. First, each client gets paired with their personal Advisor (planner), who will be with them from start to finish. The client goes to the website and heads to the “Get Started” page.  There, they fill out a brief questionnaire to give a few logistics and some preliminary information.  Someone from the team will reach out to schedule their initial session with their paired planner.

Next, their Advisor will run some numbers, contact a few vendors, and all around match the client with several suitable vendors. They then send the client a “Party Proposal.”  This document has everything the client will need to research the vendor—it is 100% hyperlinked and includes everything from contact email address, to instagram accounts!


From there, it is entirely up to the client which vendor they select— The Party People’s job is to be objective, they do not care who gets selected, only that the client is happy and the integrity of their special day is being preserved.

They can be as involved or not involved as the client likes—whether brides want The Party People to plan their entire wedding, or simply suggest a few celebrants and caterers.  They can do it all!

Seems like a win win to us!

*This post is sponsored by The Party People, all thoughts and opinions are our own.