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When it comes to most things, the old addage “When it rains, it pours” bears true time and again. It is no exception with weddings and showers. If you know you’ll be spending the next few years hosting a bevy of celebrations, you might consider starting your collection of serviceware. It’s always so nice to use the REAL stuff.

My three younger sisters were all married within a period of a few years, and we’ve been hosting showers (bridal and baby alike!) for quite some time now. So as a whole, we’ve amassed quite a collection of plates, glasses, linen napkins and the like. However, one of my favorites to collect is vintage silverware, which I hunt for at flea markets, antique stores and sometimes even at the local thrift store. I love mixing various patterns together to create a charming vintage feel. Often times, I get lucky and can score lovely pieces for as low as $1-2 a piece.

Here are a few examples that may inspire you to start the hunt for your own collection.

Sunday Supper’s use their vintage silverware to create a warm, rustic and romantic tablescape.


Martha Stewart puts vintage silverware into stamped envelopes for a charming twist on service ware for a buffet.


Country Living bundles an assortment of silverware in a crystal glass:


Flea market finds from Tongue in Cheek:


Toast and Tables mix and match silverware and plates: