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If you are anywhere within the range of your twenties or thirties, then I know you’ve spent at least one or two summers with a calendar full of weddings to attend. That means, as a bridesmaid, friend, sister, or guest, you’ve had plenty of run-ins with the registry process. Until you are a bride though, not much thought may have gone into the registry process. I thought today, I’d share with you a few things I’ve learned about choosing the right place for your registry.

First up, a couple of issues that gals run into but don’t realize until it’s too late: choosing to set up your registry with certain companies that focus on seasonal items can be really problematic because if you register up to six months in advance (giving your guests time to purchase gifts for showers and events) it’s very likely that the seasonal items you’ve chosen will no longer be available by the time your wedding comes around. Frustrating returns and limited selection/quality can also be an issue.

Macy’s is one of our newest sponsors, and in the process of getting to know a little about their registry program, I’ve learned quite a bit why even more so, Macy’s is a rad option. First though, I thought I’d do a little shopping on their website. I was in a bridal mood, so here are a few finds that would be on my registry list (including some enviable Kate Spade china and the Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve been waiting the last ten years for):

Macys registry dream picks

One of the best parts about Macy’s is their rewards program which allows you to earn 10% credit back toward any Macy’s purchase if you enroll. What’s even better is that if you are registered with them, anything guests purchase counts toward those reward dollars. Um…so you get extra money to spend just by choosing them? Killer. And those rewards go for anything else you purchase during the wedding planning–mom’s mother-of-the-bride dress, wedding make-up, lingerie, you name it.

Macy’s doesn’t focus on continually rotating seasonal items, so you can register far in advance without worrying your faves will get discontinued. Also, you get up to 90 days after your wedding to get an extra 10% off any item from your registry that isn’t purchased for your wedding and their return process is really easy. Your guests will also appreciate a store like Macy’s because there are so many available locations.

So, my question to you gals is this: did you think much about your registry before selecting your stores? Where you happy with your choices? I’d love for you gals to chime in and tell me about your registry experience. And get excited, because next week, we’re doing a giveaway from Macy’s that I KNOW you are going to LOVE!