I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Giving the gift of calories…was there ever anything we didn’t love more? Today’s wedding featured cinnamon rolls for dessert, which I’m absolutely wild about! But if you can’t give up the idea of cake, why not send your guests home with cinnamon rolls as a favor instead? The perfect midnight snack or the next day’s breakfast…win-win situation in my book. I spied a really great example by Lara Rossignol on her blog, Piewacket.

cinnamon rolls vintage french tin wedding favor ideas

Cinnamon rolls in vintage french tins are superbly darling, but possibly just a tad unrealistic for 100 guests. Never fear though! There are lots of really great resources for tin boxes, like this one (many of which are surprising affordable when you’re ordering in bulk!!!). They are perfectly sized for a few rolls and a custom label/bow situation would doll those puppies right up!  Oh…or perhaps tie to the top of your tin either a vintage fork (if you feel like collecting these at flea marts) or a wood fork for a more rustic look (wanna see what I mean? Check out Dani’s wedding from Oh, Hello Friend right here). Either way, ridic cute, right?

Oh, Cinnamon rolls. I both love and hate you.