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Here at Grey Likes Weddings, we can spot a truly fabulous fête from miles away. What makes a wedding exceptional? Maybe it’s the cascading, oversized florals, or an epic ceremony backdrop. It could be the punchy tablescapes or a breathtakingly, radiant bride. One thing’s for sure—it’s all in the details and we’re seasoned enough stylists to know that when it comes to doling out advice on how to achieve the one-of-a-kind details we adore so much, it’s absolutely essential to defer to the professionals. Which is why we are so excited to be launching this expert video series from the wedding-planning-extraordinaires at Wish Wonder Dream. Today’s video is the first installment in a series featuring top tips and helpful planning advice from the dream team (literally). We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this exclusive, insider advice with you—from How to Get Glowing Skin on Your Big Day, to How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress, to Magazine-Worthy Dessert Display Ideas. We’re especially loving today’s video What to DIY (and what NOT to!)— because if there’s one thing we know it’s that making something look effortless actually requires a lot of effort. So take a couple minutes to soak in these tips— they’re worth their weight in gold sequins.


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We are so excited to share with you a little sneak peek inside the crazy popular Laura Hooper Calligraphy workshop!!! Calligraphy is a such a beautiful skill to cultivate, especially for those of you gals that love adding a special touch to your gifts, correspondence, wedding envelopes, and even party invites! So of course we are in love with the idea of attending a Laura Hooper calligraphy workshops, which are offered all over the US and Canada. We wanted to share a few shots of their gorgeous class, which we absolutely love! I want to pop myself in one of those chair immediately!

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Designer Martha Hatfield tells us:

I wanted the design of this workshop to be clean and elegant and took inspiration from botanical conservatories. The bright and airy atmosphere of the white studio space was the perfect starting point. I knew I wanted to incorporate foliage into the décor and by using tape and vines Sarah was able to create the illusion of overgrown ivy creeping up the wall. Bistro style wood folding chairs and a wrought iron and wood table were the perfect addition to complete the natural color palette. The finishing touches came in the form of the beautiful (and delicious!) desserts that were made by baker extraordinaire, Cassidy Budge.


Laura Hooper Calligraphy is currently offering pointed-pen calligraphy workshops around the US and even in Canada! The class goes through all the basics to get you started and then delves into a full Copperplate alphabet. Can’t make it to a class? Laura also offers calligraphy starter kits that ship worldwide!

Vendors: Photography: Jessica Kettle // Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy // Event Design and Styling: Martha Hatfield // Flowers: Sarah Winward // Desserts: Cassidy Budge

“At my own engagement party a year ago, I asked my stylist to do a bow bun. I love bows; I love buns. So the “bow” bun was clearly my up-do of choice!” says photographer, Jen Huang. We decided to combing our love for Jen, and bow buns, and share this tutorial with you, shot by Jen! There are many different versions online, so we can’t take credit for the idea, but here’s how to do it:

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1. Curl your hair for volume and have plenty of hairspray at the ready




2. Pull your hair up into a pony tail, but when you’re pulling your hair through the loop the last time, only pull it through halfway, leaving a little tail


3. Split the ponytail “poof” in half and loop the “tail” over the split to create the “center” of the bow



4. Secure with bobbies or hair spray and spread the two sides of the bow for maximum effect. Thanks to the beautiful Brie for modeling in Costa Rica.

(What’s that? You wanted to see Jen’s gorgeous engagement party and her own bow bun? We thought so. Head here!)

Vendors: Photography: Jen Huang // Model: Brie // Shot on Fuji 160S and processed/scanned by RichardPhotoLab

We’re working on a super fun project over at eBay where we’ll be making some really fun “how-to” guides for you, along with links and recommendations for our favorite finds on eBay! Our first one is “How to Style Your Bar Cart.” Not only have we rounded up some fave bar carts you can nab, but also some really cute accessories and essentials! We thought we’d share with you the bar carts from Dream Green DIYKim Le Photography (seen here), and Burlap and Lace we used to help with our guide, but head here to see lots more of our finds!

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Above: Dream Green DIY



Above: Kim Le Photography



Above: Burlap and Lace

Lady Grey loves a little fancy added to her everyday. Take pie for example. Our fall feature from today shows a pretty little pie adorned with a leaves, like this one:

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You might ask, “Who in the world has time for this pinnable yet totally unrealistic pretty?” Only Martha Stewart, I presume. But alas, we did a little sleuthing and as it turns out, Williams Sonoma offers a cheat way to bring the fancy into your holidays for the price of a few Starbucks lattes. Yep. Piecrust cutters. In leaf shapes. Thanksgiving pies will never be the same.


Your mother-in-law will be so impressed when your dessert spread looks like this. And then you can email me and say, “Lady Grey, thank you for your easy fancy idea.” And I’ll reply, “I know, right?” Except in a much more eloquent way.


Do not attempt this for your wedding. Unless you are handing off these molds to a baker. DO attempt for a shower, engagement party, holiday festivities or maybe a bake off. Yes, most definitely if you’re in a bake off. Certainly you’ll deserve a few extra slices for a job well done. Impressing and delighting with ease. That’s our motto. Or as we like to call it, “Easy-Fancy.”

(And you know that whole, homemade crust situation? Neither do I. Homemade pies with pre-made pie dough. Easy-fancy, ladies. Easy-fancy.)