I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

First off, this couple is absolutely darling. Second, because the groom is studying to be an optometrist, their stylists, Tiffany and Amber of Thank Chic Santa Barbara, decided to play up the theme…which turned out so dang cute, I can’t even handle it. And third, special special thanks to photographers Gina Oh and Kim Seidel of Gina Maxine Photography for being willing to share such a darling session with us. They are such talented photographers and though their work speaks for itself, I must say–it is really amazing!

Resources included: Urban Outfitters: Striped blanket, glasses, his yellow shoes and striped laces, initial necklaces, her black shoes, his light yellow striped shirt. Forever 21: both dresses, skirt and tank, striped socks, knee high socks and her tights. Anthropologie: yellow plate and brass plate holder, candle holder, turquoise and blue pots. Ebay: eye tie. Flea market: Miscellaneous.